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hey everybody what's up this is pat flynn from the smart passive income blog showing you how i use the article spinning software called the best spinner which is in my opinion the best spinner available in order to spin articles and i'll show you exactly how that works in a second but before I get into that I just want to go over three specific rules that I have that I created for myself to make sure I don't abuse this software and to make sure that the articles at the end come out as high-quality as possible and I recommend that you follow these rules as well so the three rules are first do not spin anyone else's content you should always spin articles and create articles using the software from articles that you've written originally yourself or that you've had written originally for yourself from a ghostwriter or VA or something but you should never copy someone else's article and just spin it to make it your own second you should always go manual with it there's a button here that you can press to just automatically spin your articles and what happens is sometimes it doesn't choose synonyms you know it's just a machine so it's not going to know exactly if it's correct if it's using the right synonym sometimes different synonyms for words or phrases don't make sense in the actual sentences or paragraphs so what happens is your final article your final product you know is really crappy sometimes does you make sense so always do it manually I'll show you how to do that in a second and lastly you should always read or skim the variations that you spin before submitting anywhere with and again that's just to make sure that the quality of the articles that you get out of this you know our high quality as well and obviously it's going to take a little bit more time than just pressing that one button and copy pasting but you are saving a ton of time by using the spinning software instead of writing articles from scratch every time to get the same message across so how this works oh and before I go on this is a Windows software application that's not available as a mac software application however if you have something like boot camp for Mac or actually I'm running this through parallels desktop which allows me to have it show up as a window in a piece allows windows applications to show up on my Mac just like a regular mac application would which is pretty cool so obviously it does cost a little bit money but if you have the investment you know the money to invest in that that'd be great I've gotten a lot of use out of it using Windows applications on my Mac using parallels desktop so back to the best spinner what i usually do first is write an article sometimes just directly my wordpress blog or sometimes on a Google Doc just like this one and this this article is for my security guard trading niche site do you need to go to school to become a security guard that's a question that several people have and that's why I'm answering it in a bin in an article so I'm going to go head on over to the best spinner and just simply paste it into the article tab here and you'll see that article right there so in order to spin the article what happens is you can select different synonyms different phrases for all these different words so let's say I select many i'll double click on that and this pop-up will come up with several different variations of that word many so numerous several a lot of quite a few and I can select you know a whole bunch of these some of them don't make sense or are not really words that I would want to have such as a multitude of you know that's getting a little crazy lots lots of people that doesn't really make sense a wide selection of sure that might make sense you know so i just select you know five to ten of the better ones many numerous several a lot of quite a few countless a number of people wonder and you know you can add your own here too so i don't know a bunch of people add see it adds it right there now i'm going to take that out because you know that doesn't really make sense to me i just thinking of example so i just click on this and gets rid of it so that's how you can add or subtract or delete those there so what happens is when I spin the article it's going to go through and randomly select one of these words in that final article so to get to that you just go to the spun article tab here right next to the article and you'll see it says quite a few people wonder if there are blah blah blah if I click new spin down here in the bottom it should change that quite a few to either many numerous several a lot of or a number of so let's try that so right now it's as many people wonder click on new spin several people wonder numerous people a number of people many people several people so if you create synonyms in this way throughout this whole article whenever you spend an article it's going to look totally different and again it saves you so much time from having to create brand new articles from scratch that you know have the same message that you can then use it several places on the internet so I'm just going to go through this very quickly for you I'm going to probably cut the majority of this part out so it speeds up the process and then I'll show you what this final spun article looks like alright so I am back with the magic of editing you can see here that I finished preparing to spin this article all the way through you can see all the blue syntax here that for each of the words in there I went through I couldn't do them for all of them because obviously if their keywords you want it to stay in there so you don't want to spin your keywords and there's just some times where this there's no synonyms that work or you can't think of anything and that's okay but if you go through most of the words select maybe three to seven different synonyms for each when you go to spun article tab here and press new spin it's going to pump out a different article for you each time that we can then later use for the different things that I'm going to be talking about later so if you're watching this on youtube you can go to wwn insight dual comm and if you go to post number 11 you'll see this video embedded with a whole bunch of other different videos where i'm going to show you where you can place these spun articles again to help you with back linking and climbing the ranks of google so thank you again guys I appreciate your support if you are interested in getting this software through my affiliate link you can go to smart passive income com / the best spinner no spaces no dashes smart passive income calm / the best spinner I really appreciate it so thank you guys i'll see you in the next video

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