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hey guys josh is more here from samurai blogger com I just wanted to put together a quick video and talk to you guys about us article spinner for max for those of you that are on a Mac computer or even a PC all right the good thing about the does the article spinner that I'm going to talk about today is that it's basically universe you can use it on any system and the reason for that is because it's an online spinner all right and I've been using it for the last couple months and i gotta say i'm extremely impressed with the different features in the different basically the easy usability of this spinner alright and the spin i'm going to be talking about actually called spin rewriter alright i'll put a link to this website right below this video so you can easily find it and it suks and the other thing is that it's extremely affordable and like i said it's all it's an online spinner so you don't have you there's no software to download you don't have to worry whether you have a PC or a Mac because like I said it's all online your or articles get stored online you can easily generate new versions of your article at the click of a button and you know it's just really easy and you can like I said you can access it from wherever even if you're not on your own computer ok so I'm gonna go ahead and login really quick but there's basically a good offer going on right now for seventy percent discount know since this website is pretty brand-new but i think i paid around fifty bucks or something like that to get the full version yeah it's $59 right or you can pay twenty seven dollars a month I like paying you know all upfront one time instead of paying monthly so I went with this option right here so when you click the link below this video just go ahead and purchase the $59 one or if you want the twenty seven dollars per month one you can go ahead and do that well but I just want to log in and show you guys some of the amazing features that this spinner offers all right so basically here is the way you rewrite your articles all right and here is where your all your articles are actually saved all right so I'm just going to go ahead and click you so you guys can see it then there's two options which is awesome are you can either rewrite a single article or you can rewrite multiple articles at once alright that's the other amazing thing about this that it saves you a ton of time you can upload 5 to 10 articles and have them off spin at once instead of having to do it one by one by one like a lot of the other spinners tools are basically designed so what you will do is basically here if you want to just rewrite one article you will put it in hand and just click here and hit the start rewriting process all right if you want to rewrite multiple articles you click right here you put your first article then you add an article and an article and I guess that you can do multiple articles all at once and that's one of those one of the other good things that are like that you can you know do one more than once a time and if I just go on one by one and then over here to the right hand side is where your articles are going to be saved all right and as you can see there's a ton of articles here save the other good thing is you can put them into different categories all right there are some of my bits my categories on my clients categories and there was one thing oh yeah you can also once once they're in here you can always come back and view them at any time and generate a new article so let me just go ahead and click view and here is the spun version so if you want to go ahead and input this into a blog network or an article distribution service with spin tags intact you can use this version right here if you want to generate a new version of the article you can do that here alright and you can do this over and over and over to generate a new version now so that you can be putting out unique every time so you know these are just a few of the features that I like about spin rewriter it's easy it's simple you can rewrite multiple articles you can have all your articles basically organized by category all right by a client by your different niches that you're in so you know I definitely recommend the spin rewriter for a little be there on a mac or a pc or any United system that you're running your business on the spin rewriter it's a great service you can host all your articles online you can spin all your articles online and it's just overall a great great service so just click the link is going to be read below this video I will make a small portion just for you joining through my link but if you do that I'll go ahead and throw in a bonus alright I do a lot of video marketing myself and if you want to go ahead and learn how you can use online marketing and video marketing and really monetize and add an extra income stream to your business I'll go ahead and throw in my tube takeover formula absolutely free this is just a quick and short training program that's going to walk you through how I rank videos on the first page of Google so if you guys go ahead and join spin rewriter now go ahead and throw in my to take over form an absolutely free so just click the link it's going to be right below this video get started with spin rewriter and yeah you know if you have any questions about it feel free to leave me a comment

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