Email List: How To Build an Email List Now

In this article, you’ll learn about the value of an email list and how to build one. We will discuss what email lists are, how email lists work and why email lists are important for your business. We’ll outline several tips that help you get more subscribers and increase engagement from your email list.

What Is an Email List?

An email list is a way to build relationships with your customers and target audiences. When you create an email list, you’re giving your customers the opportunity to subscribe and stay up to date with your products, services and offers. In return, you’ll gain higher visibility among potential new clients as well as loyal customers who appreciate your customer service.

It’s possible that email can be seen as a tedious and tiresome job. However, this is a myth. Once you get into the rhythm of writing newsletters, sending out promotions and offers, following up on your subscribers’ interests and engaging with them, you’ll enjoy it more and more. You’ll also find that it creates a sense of connection to your audience which builds trust and increases response rates when you do send out new offers or promotions.

Why Do I Need an Email List?

You need an email list because it is a way of reaching out to potential customers and giving them more personalized marketing messages from you. This is beneficial for you because emails make the process of capturing leads more efficient and easy because it’s a one-time campaign that is global in reach. It also provides you with the chance to store contact information for future follow-ups when you have new or updated products or services to offer.

An email list makes it super simple to promote your products. Given that you have already built trust with your audience, they will be much more likely to purchase from you. If you have a great product and people trust your brand, they’ll buy it without hesitation.

To illustrate how email lists work:  If I were selling staplers in an online store I would put together an email campaign, usually using MailChimp or Aweber as my mailer. In the email, I would advertise staplers that are at a discounted rate or with some other special promotion going on. If someone buys from me via this email campaign then I know that they are somewhat interested in what I am selling and will probably be willing to buy more products through my store in the future. This is why your email list is such a huge asset to you.

Tips for Increasing Engagement With Your Subscribers

When I say engagement, I mean that you are getting people to open and click on the links in your email messages. Here are a few tips to help increase your engagement rate:

  • Offer value from the beginning – You should always have a substantial and enticing piece of content in your email, always give them useful information that would help them.
  • Keep emails short but interesting –  People will get bored and unsubscribe if you send too many long emails. Keep it short, highlight a few key points.
  • Use links wisely – Nowadays most people are using email services like Gmail that automatically mark links as suspicious so your click through rate (CTR) may be lower than you thought. This is why I think that it is better to place just a few links in your email messages and not at the end.
  • Let you customer know who sent them the email – A lot of people like knowing that they are getting an email from a source they trust so let them know if you have some program where they will get points or other rewards for opening emails or reading your blog
  • Create engaging subject lines – If you can figure out what people are interested in then that will give you a lot of ideas for creating an engaging email subject line. The trick is to make it so interesting that they just have to open the email and read it.
  • Don’t send too many emails – Email subscriptions are meant to be opt-in only, meaning that the person has actively chosen to receive messages from you. If people feel like they are getting spammed they will disengage with your brand and unsubscribe which means that your email list will shrink.
  • Involve the subscriber – One way to make sure that people engage with your emails is to involve them and ask for feedback or even involve them in the making of your new blog post or article. Be sure to give them something in return for their feedback too, this will help you build trust and a feel good factor with the people on your list.

Offer Something Free or of Value for Subscribing

Give people something of value for subscribing to your list. This will show them that you are not only interested in taking there information but that you are also willing to give something back. They feel like they have made a good decision because they know now that they’ve gotten something out of the exchange and will likely be more inclined to share their email address in order to get something valuable as well.

Here are a few tactics you can try:

Offer free access to an exclusive product guide, video series or special report that is only available for subscribers.  You can create just about anything by yourself and then upload it directly to your blog. If you need help with this then there websites that offer freelancing services for creating e-books or white papers. You could also offer valuable coupons, discount codes or just a straight-up cash off coupon for your subscribers an email list now

How To Create a Thank You Page That Helps Increase Your Conversions With Your New Subscriber’s Emails

You should always have a thank you page that is included in the confirmation email of signing up. The page can be used to educate your new subscriber on how he/she will receive information about the things they signed up for and also give them ideas about what they could expect next from you.

If you are wanting to make money from your email list, the thank you page should always redirect them to an offer. This should be an offer that is relevant to your subscriber and fits well with your niche. Don’t offer anything expensive here.


I hope these tips helped you to create your first email list. You can use a lot of the tactics and strategies from these tips to build your list into something big.

Always remember that when you start sending emails, make sure it is to offer something of value and not overdoing the ads.

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