Handy Content Spinner For Mac OSX : Text Rewriting App

This is Glenn Bear ski from Mac SEO tips
I want to do a quick demo of a handy little utility for anyone who uses spun
content article marketing or to link building that this application is called
article spinner two and it's available from the Apple Store for quick download
for about $7.99 at its a very basic utility I consider to be valuable for
editing and creating basic syntax it also lets you publish to WordPress as
well as you can see in this first example of color codes the spintax brackets This Mac article and content spinner has a very basic synonym dictionary built that gives you
a choice of few words a lot of them are poor choices however it automatically
insert whichever word that you choose you can also take an additional words
like to swap in so it can help you Look at the the spun content color coding here you'll see this article spinner for Mac OSX codes blue red orange green for the
depth of nested spending.

If you have a spum article or something that has
bracket errors can be really helpful and will pinpoint where the problem is that
help you fix it. I did a little test here with the numbers 1 through 4 but
the words one to eight to see when I spin something how well it randomizes and
it does randomized your content well when you have a bit of spun content the
publish button to preview it you can spin a single article or you can do multiple
on some issues that you notice it till like six and generate so I get one
version of it and I can just step 2 there's a different one another another
another I can just copy and paste difference I turned into a different
blog post is gone so it lets you preview and output variations about one of the
ruling it features is that it also lets you post to a free wordpress.com boy or
a self-hosted wordpress site just set it up in this Mac content spinner and text rewriter and choose what you want to publish
there either live or as a draft so it's real handy post an article spin it, post to a different blog and spin
it again change the title post to a different Bob
change your links, change anchor text along the way works real handy for that
someone to get this article spinner to This Mac article rewriter is OS 10 compatible, it's a great little
utility for article marketing on a Macintosh computer who uses spun content.

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