How Game of Thrones Should Have Ended

Tell me about your reaction when I read the script for the final episode Mmmm Or, me … I was You were really … "Satisfied with him" [Voiceover from review excerpt] I hate the producers and writers of the show, Dumb and Dumber. I never liked them They are one of the most overrated people Arrogant and apologetic in Hollywood As of preparing this video, a petition to rewrite Season 8 is close to A million and a half signatures, more than the petition to end world hunger, but hate this season is one thing Another thing is to claim you could have written it better So before you go ahead and automatically hate this video, hear me out if you don't like what I say this is your right But the whole reason why I'm making this video is because I love this series so much and I felt the characters deserve a lot better I'm going to split this video into two different halves First, my main criticism is for the season, and the second is rewriting it So if you are only interested in the rewrite part I left the timestamp in the description below, But keep in mind critically acclaimed season influences rewriting.

Some ground rules Before we start, this will be a very comprehensive and broad thing To review some key moments isn't rewriting scene after scene otherwise we'll be here all day Actually I'll leave Episodes 1 and 2 Without touching and choosing to start with Episode 3 as things started to go downhill for me and then onwards to Episode 4 Where it went completely off the rails. While Daenerys (Iron Fleet) and Euron Forces have forgotten. " And I'm also not going to magically add episodes or seasons I want to give myself the same limitations that the writers of the series had Although the last 35 minutes of the final episode could have been a full season in and of itself So I'm going to briefly review what I think the two main problems of this season are, now that I know there are Hundreds of things to complain about this season and I can shoot an entire video on this topic But for the purposes of rewriting me I'll focus only on these two main points first (The Night King) and the second (Character Epilogue).

(King of the Night) is the main hostile force driving much of the narrative in the series It's his presence that forces people like Daenerys and John to band together to save humanity If (King of the Night) succeeded in his quest. It does not matter who is on the Iron Throne I think (The Night King) is more important than any other enemy As Cersei and there's more at stake if our heroes fail against him, You look back in the first scene of the first season, season one does not start with a death plot (John Arryn) or a palace plot or something related to the throne. It starts with (with the walkers eggs). This is how important they are and (King of the Night) That is why the death of (The Night King) in Episode 3 was a fatal mistake We're not just deprived of an epic battle between John and the Night King.

Which he promised us clearly with the end of the episode (Hardhome) (from season five) But all eight seasons of the show were developing up to this point Will they defeat the Night King or not? By making him die in the third episode Check out eight seasons of building enthusiasm / anticipation The best analogy I can do is imagine if Frodo in Lord of the Rings dropped the ring in Mount Dome and defeated Sauron in the middle of the second movie. It has to constantly build on the culminating moments in the series until it explodes near the end Take a look at this chart that appears The traditional triple structure of the movie and applies to the TV series only in those cases that span the episodes This is where the defeat of the Night King should have happened. Here's where it happened Keep this in mind when I rewrite The second major criticism I have about this season is the finale mainly because many of them first did not live up to their potential Or secondly, they were completely ignored, now that does not mean that some of the characters did not receive appropriate ends I thought Sir Jura and Theon had both logical and emotional endings.

But then there are characters like (John) and (Daenerys) and the one who had the most potential (Jimmy Lannister) Jimmy had the most moving story of all eight seasons Starting out as an incestuous and child killer, who over the course of eight seasons learns his mistakes and becomes humble However, in the final episodes of the show, he returns to his old self And his love for Cersei wipes out eight seasons of building for the character, even his relationship with Bran is forgotten Only to be able to die under a pile of falling rubble, this unrealized possibility of a characters' finale is something I want to address in the rewrite. So without further ado, this is how I was going to write the final season of (Game of Thrones).

Well enough of that is We start with Episode 3 of (The Battle of Winterfell) for the most part of the episode. This episode will be played the same way in the real version. The combined forces (of the Patriarchs, Waldothraki, Men of the North, and Barbarians) in the face of the (Night King) and his Eternal Horde Meanwhile, Cersei, the Gold Company, and the Iron Fleet are preparing in Kings Landink. After they broke their promise to help in the next war But this episode will have one important difference that will completely change the upcoming episodes The Night King will prevail, and the remaining forces of Winterfell will have to retreat to Kings Landink. Let's dive deeper into how this works first. I wouldn't put Tyrion and the women and children in the basement Yes, it's fun that they are in danger of the spiraling corpses of the (Stark) family, but it's lazy writing They put the thrill of having to dodge zombie above logic, says Peter Dinklage. "No one has ever thought about that, as it brings all the dead back to life and puts women and children in a basement with all the dead." Instead, I was taking them to the main hall where Tyrion and the others face the fact that they will soon die.

Similar to the scene in the second part of "Lord of the Rings", when the battle seems lost and we see the pain of women and children They cuddle each other one last time You can still keep Batherine and Sansa holding hands, and Tyrion picking up a battle-ready blade. Even Sansa is ready to join him at their last moment It's an emotional shot and gets to the point without the mummies rising from the dead Meanwhile, Daenerys and John will face the Night King with their dragons, but as the battle intensifies. John has to break up with Daenerys to help the soldiers below Not only that, but he will have to choose Between saving Bran or fending off the hordes of zombies who are about to storm and kill Tyrion and Sansa. But Theon who is with Bran telling John to go, he will stop them, John on Regal smashes the side of the main hall. Just in time to save the women and children and allow them to escape through underground tunnels in Winterfell.

Which will contain numbers of the living dead to repel them, but then we can get characters like (Arya) who will join them in providing the much-needed protection to escape When Daenerys heard Reagan's screams, she mustered enough strength to separate the Night King from his dragon (Vseron) He falls to the ground just like in the ring Then John makes his way to the Dam Sacred Tree at just the right time to see Theon killed by the Night King. Theon’s death will be very angry and attack. Finally we will see a sword fight between Jon Snow and the Night King! Trust me, the battle will be legendary! But (King of the Night) will prove (to John) that he is too powerful to kill At the end of the battle, the (Night King) raises his sword to kill (John!), But (Bran) begins to control the Dragon of the Night King (so they will see), so he blows his fire on the (Night King) Yes, in my version, (Bran) uses his abilities that really help them, but (Night King) is out of fire like he did in the ring! Unscathed from the flames, he now wields a Dragon Glass Spear So he kills Vesiron, causing a very big event, taking advantage of this event (John) musters his strength for a final attack and stabs the (Night King) with his Dragon Glass sword But nothing happens! We find the (Night King) fortified in front of the Dragon's Glass !! It's such a huge shock (to John!) When (The Night King) carries him by the neck and when everything seems lost to (John) Daenerys on Drogon's back pounces on the Night King to throw him about 20 feet to release John from his grasp.

Losing the battle, Daenerys carries John and Bran. Winterfell burns in the background as we see Reagar being killed by a horde of an army of the dead The episode will end with the rise of everyone who died in battle as an army (of the Night King) Who continues his raid south while John looks at Bran will find him still stuck in a state of control. They are unable to awaken it We'll get to what he's actually doing in a little while What I love about this is that it maintains our suspicion that the Night King's attack is still going on while simultaneously giving us shocking new information that Dragon Glass is not working against him It increases the risk of the next largest attack on Kings Landink.

If you continue to compare this part with the film (Lord of the Rings), the third episode is the second part of the film and the fifth episode is the third part of the film Episode 4 will be rewritten to deal with the aftermath of the battle as the remaining survivors travel to Kings Landink. Here (Cersei) will have to decide whether to let them in or not? Jimmy will persuade her as Coburn reports that the Army of the Dead is marching on King's Landink. (Cersei) agrees to let them in. She has no choice here, but with one condition .. As long as Daenerys bow and publicly pledge allegiance for all to see And with (Cersei) holding all the power here, and (Daenerys) army almost wiped out …

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(Daenerys) agree! It puts its people before itself It sacrifices everything for the good of its people Episode 5 Just like the original, it's going to be an attack on Kings Landink. But rather than a one-sided massacre It'll be an epic battle, a lot like the Battle of Mienstarth in Lord of the Rings. One of the things I didn't like about the original was that it wasn't a fight at all (The Golden Company) did nothing (John) did nothing. I felt the episode had a lot of unrealized potential So we will try to fix that as the (Night King) approaches his main forces, lining up along the outer walls But (The Night King) is intelligent and has separate power along the water's edge As the temperature drops, the water around the Euron fleet begins to freeze, allowing the (Walkers) whites To reach the port, which makes the defending army forced to defend from two fronts Even worse, we'll see (the Dothraki) on dead horses A zombie apocalypse and a group of zombie giants are joining the battle for the Night King as well.

But as Kings Landink's defenses begin to fall Bran wakes up from his dreamlike state like the Crow with Three Eyes that he's spent this time since Winterfell fell back in time. To look for clues that can reveal the (Night King) weakness and those clues, messages, and symbols That we've seen since Season 1 and then flags (Daenerys), and that can be shown in a series From flashbacks as if with (Bran) in the past that (Night King) is related to the children of the jungle Remember that the (Night King) was created by them in a place called (Eye of God) when he was bound against the (Great Dam) tree. I will go into the details of the novel (Song of Ice and Fire) The Great Dam tree is the heart of all the forests of the Great Dam in the continent of (Westeros) and in my version is the source of power (Kings of the Night) After all, she created it.

Why not destroy it too? Daenerys is informed that if she destroys the tree it may also have the additional consequence of destroying every kind of magic in the world, Destroying the (Great Dam Tree) would also kill (John!) Because the only reason John is alive is because he was resurrected using magic by Melisandra. To add insult to injury, since (Pran) was identified by the (Night King) by his mark, the (Night King) now knows what they are going to do and possibly He himself is on his way to protect the tree, Daenerys goes to John, where the castle walls collapses, and tells him what to do. And (John) being a sympathetic and responsible soldier understands … But (Daenerys) is the most torn in this situation not because she will lose (John), but because this matter will lose her father of her child! Yes, in my version, Daenerys is pregnant which increases the risk by 10 degrees Daenerys flies with Dracon to the Great Dam tree, and all the remaining forces in Kings Landing continue to fight .. Here you will meet (the Night King) in a mythical ending The real battle of ice and fire and the only thing that keeps it from the tree is the (Night King) himself! She confronts him and before he attacks …

She screams: "Darkaris!" She burns herself and "The Night King" and "The Great Tree of the Dam" together, and while the tree is burning, so does the (Night King!) She takes her sword and stabs the (Night King) in his heart! She pierces him in the burning tree just like his (the children of the jungle) pierced his heart centuries ago And all this is happening at the same time (Daenerys) in the midst of the flames! But as we know, (Daenerys) don't get burned with fire But she has never been exposed to dragon fire before and as he dies (Night King) John and the army of the dead also die What I particularly like about this ending is making the theory that the (Night King) die in dragon fire is an honest theory But not in the way everyone imagined it It also links all the symbols of (Children of the Jungle) that we have seen throughout the seasons and which turned out in the current version to mean nothing at all.

But where does that leave us with the other characters? We still have (Searcy), (The Mountain), (Eurion) and countless others do not worry. We can still have a fight between the mountain and his brother (and Yoran) have him get killed by the (The Walking Whites), but there is (Cersei) .. Aha, yes, Searcy. Imagine the battle is over as we follow Jimmy who is on his way to Cersei. We're not sure if he's going to kill her, and that adds to the tension in the halls of King's Landink. Suddenly Ilaria comes out of nowhere and stabs Jimmy in the chest! You will remember Ilaria was stuck in a cell and forced to watch her daughter slowly poisoned to death by the Lannister family. Also (Anster) is responsible for the death of her lover in the fourth season It was liberated either because one of the allies allowed it to exit, or it escaped through the devastation of the attack But with Jimmy clinging to life, the revelations are made. It's not Jimmy at all! She (Aria) uses Jimmy's face as a mask to kill the Queen! Ilaria is back in shock while Aria spits blood Don't worry, we'll see Aria survive and go her way But I thought it would be a great way to retrain her into the story and to repeat (Ilaria) and provide a fun twist Then we have the confrontation between the real Jimmy and Cersei, Cersei telling him it's finally over.

They have won the throne and the battle of the dead and the living Daenerys and the North's armies have been destroyed and nothing remains to stand in their way But (Cersei) won't stop there. right Now. fight over. She says she should send a signal … "a critical blow" She calls for the killing of anyone who was loyal to (Daenerys)! (Jimmy) pleading on their behalf Without them, he says, we would never have survived. Besides, is this the kind of new world? They want their child to grow up with it ?, and here Searcy reveals that there was no child at all! This was all part of playing the game to keep him and (Yoron) under control at the same time She tells him to go ahead and kill them all as (Iris Targaryen) the Mad King told him when he wanted the city to burn Here (Jimmy) continues his story by stabbing (Cersei) with his sword and killing her! The king fought '…

Now he fought the queen Daenerys runs back and sleeps near John's dead body, but it's too late Kings Landyck is a ruin … and without a ruler, people gather around her and around John's corpses. Tyrion recounts, according to the criteria of inheritance and how (Daenerys) now with (John's) child makes her the legitimate heir to the throne! (Tyrion) kneels before his queen and hundreds of men and women around him kneel – She makes her way to the throne and sits, and the scene is cut in black – But just because we can make it a little more emotional, you'll do something you (Game of Thrones) haven't done before.

Let's start by serving for five years (Daenerys) visits the cemetery (of Winterfell) and by the way the city has been rebuilt With Sansa as the North garrison in the cemetery, John's body is placed next to Eddard Stark (and Catherine Stark), and who just happens to come in a hurry? Their boy … and we can show Coast, too She puts her hand on the grave and goes away calling her son, saying, Come with me (John) I like this method because it ends the old judgments of (Westeros) for choosing a king Not to mention the mention of (Bran) becoming king and I found that a big problem. We also have a more satisfying character finale (John, Daenerys) and Jimmy. Now I haven't been able to reach all of the characters but I invite you to leave your comments below on what you'd like to see this season for me this ending Increases the stakes for (Night King) and provides a more satisfying character finale for many of our beloved ones If you like the video Please take the time to like to subscribe and let me know your opinion until next time.

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