How I made $209 from youtube On Complete Autopilot

hi this is very welcome to the video if you do anything online you need traffic and for that you need a teacher to submit your contents on the high traffic website like youtube when it comes to youtube you need videos to submit and then you need that video to be visible to the audience and then this video has to be content reach so that they are they are interested to follow you or subscribe to your channel or join your list or even buy from you or take action according to whatever you say in the video right so there are a couple of tricks inside but first of all it has to be visible to the audience in order to do that you can use your own traffic your existing traffic if you have already in your website or in your list if you don't have then you can use the YouTube natural or organic search traffic because YouTube is called the second largest search engine on the planet so I in order to do that it your video or videos have to be ranked for high traffic keywords all right so um we will be covering everything nearly everything in this video including other some other videos but first of all I want to show you one good example that happened to me let me search first tee spring you don't this spring right this spring is a crazed everybody thinks that these spring is um this spring is up quick money making formula although it's not people don't understand everybody tries so everybody looks for teespring cases study that's very natural because cases studies shows show a lot of things that even courses don't show so here's what happened you see on the first page first of all you see only 2502 results because not because people are not searching is because very few people are actually making cases studies because very few people are actually making money from disparate am I making yes I made a little bit but that's not what I am heading to what I'm heading to is what happened to my video that contains a teespring cases study ok so first of all this video got ranked for this teespring cases study in less than 24 hours ok and it came on the first page so this is my video here can you see that this is my video alright so let's open and i will show you what's inside and how everything happened ok so you see here it says 53 sold towards goal of 50 teespring campaign cases study so what's inside it's a 15 minutes video and let me let me forward a little bit well you can find yourself and you can see the content inside ok right ok so what did i do in fact i found a tee shirt a tee spring campaign that sold fifty three copies are of the goal of 50 okay and then i made a case study of video case study i showed what's inside the campaign how the campaign was built how was the design do you see the design some girls marry girls get over it get over it it's nothing fancy nothing big nothing massive there's no important design but still it's old I mean the campaign ended with success how did it happen well a design a t-shirt design is not everything how it is presented to the customer also important that's what I try to describe in the video and I described it very well what i did is i did the screenshot of the campaign and I put it in I based the screenshot on windows windows paint Microsoft Paint and then I described with this little takes and arrows and these things what is what what part of the campaign contains what how it grabbed the attention of the customers how it how it turned the visitors into buyers okay so it's a kind of copywriting formula so what did I actually do in this video first I found somebody else's campaign then I took a screenshot and I explained how the campaign was built nothing else right look look can you see that you can find the video yourself you can you can go through but i will give you a quick hinge see this is the headline wear red for marriage quality marriage equality it's a headline it it gives a message okay and then how to grab attention how to describe the quality and finally how to describe the scarcity it's very well done in this one two three four five six seven eight nine ten lines that's how this campaign one and you know what happened you know how was dumb how was the response of the visitors whoever whoever visited this video have a look I got 3502 visitors okay so far it was uploaded in May 17 2014 3502 visitors okay 10 likes all natural all organic I didn't try to do anything myself I didn't do anything I just used one of my tricks for ranking that's it that I put it in front of the audience and it's simple 15 minutes video using google hangout completely free service I didn't have any fancy software any fancy information any edit nothing at all just a screenshot on Microsoft Paint describing how persuasive the campaign is and how it was made persuasive for the for the customers for the visitors and how it converted the visitors into customers that's it and they describe that's it and then in the end up in the description section I put a link and this link just have a look where it takes you it takes you to my website this same video okay this same video is post is is embedded in my website and and here's the thing a pop-up for list building somebody who ever loved this video would love to get more of my videos and they subscribe to my channels they like my videos they come back and also they want my contents again and so they signed up I built a big list around 800 people from organic traffic more than 800 people from our cannock traffic from YouTube from this video alone okay and then once you once you go out okay it's the same video and there is a link here simple it says click here to download the software to make your life easy and save money that's it whatever I write because I already won their heart I already won their trust without using anything fancy anything expensive i used google hangout completely free service i use another person's campaign to make a case study and i described what I think about it that's it people loved it and they bought from me and you want to know how much I made in I made from from this campaign I mean from this video okay this is the link this is the this is the software that is linked to this text soul for the eight copies is 12.9 percent conversion many people can't even get Phil point nine percent conversion from their mailing list okay and i made as one hundred and ninety dollars total of it was total of two hundred nine and 4409 dollars forty-five cents still I get sales still I get sales every week two to three cells it's a complete autopilot I didn't have to do anything at all okay in order to boost the sales I put another link here so when you click here it will go to my website I means if some people if someone misses this link okay so that they can find the same link over here okay so i put another another link around on the top is called so that's it okay that's it so here's the secret um before i go to the secret i will tell you i will show you another video okay this one also rank for some some keyword i don't know i made it for my small list I had a little a very small list that time okay it was like how to save hundred and fifty dollars from atty spring campaign and I put a case study just doin just in order to get ranked and you see here 3506 views completely completely organic and 12 likes to dislikes I don't know why people disliked it it showed how how you can save one hundred and fifty dollars from a stick HT spoon case study and from there when you click here you will go to a page that will contain the similar design page okay this will contain the same video and with a similar link and will it be linked to the same software and also again this is my my affiliate link okay so I got all these sales and complete autopilot from these videos okay now if you want to if want to have a look and check some other videos like how to write a unique article how to write unique article okay you can imagine how I mean how profitable this kind of keyword can be because everybody needs unique article and guess what my video is on the top and this is my period link and I made a lot of sales of spin rewriter from this video alone I showed how I wrote 300 words within seven under five minutes using this has been rewriter high-quality high-quality article now second one how to product review if you want to search how to write product review you can do that how to write product review that one all will also show my video oh let me find out to do might be missing did I lose this I think I lost hahahaha i love how to write okay how to write how to write to review okay this is my video okay how to write skip ramazan biography video there's another one here to videos rank for how to write Sorry Sorry Sorry extremely sorry how to write product review okay how to write product review ok this one another one really easy method and some of them are used for list building only to drive traffic to my to my website solely nothing else I mean I don't not not always i try to sell i tried to send them to another video i tried to send them to my website and from there they got pop-ups they got other widgets um other sign up forms design optimal is I build a big list from YouTube and make money later so when it comes to video when it comes to video creation wait comes to conversion when it comes to ranking I know what I'm doing I know my stuff so thank you very much for watching before we go let me show you another video uh how do i right transcript ok some people need that I didn't get that many views and only 334 views ok or still c9 likes and there is no link at all it people look for me where I am ok and they're very very delighted about this video about the quality it's only five minutes video this helped me um boost the my channel ok and get more and more traffic more and more audience completely free and completely complete autopilot audience I'm very very happy with whatever I'm doing so thank you very much for watching go through the other videos if you find other videos on the page there will also be life-changing helped a lot of people and helped me a lot making all this money on complete autopilot so thank you very much for watching take care take action bye bye

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