How To Use Chimp Rewriter, Single And Bulk Article Rewrite, Review, and Testing | Fast Spinning

Hello everyone. Today, I am going to show
you how to use Chimp Rewriter and we are going to test Chimp Rewriter. So, this is Chimp Rewriter website, which I've included a link in the description below which you can
visit this website by yourself. These are the features and benefits of Chimp Rewriter. So, this is Chimp Rewriter. First, we are
going to copy an article use for testing. We are going to open a new file, paste
into Chimp Rewriter desktop version. This Chimp Rewriter offers only desktop
version. We go to Dupli Checker and we paste the article which we are going
to use for testing for plagiarism.

As we copy this article from website,
it is 100% plagiarism. These are the articles are found similar to the
article we are copying. So now, we go back to Chimp Rewriter. We are going to click Rewrite,
One Click Rewrite. In setting, we click Balance. We uncheck reordered
sentences and we click start. So, the spinning completed. We copy the
unique article generated by Chimp Rewriter and we go back to Dupli Checker. We refresh the
be Dupli Checker. We paste the unique article and we check plagiarism. As we can see, the unique article
generated by Chimp Rewriter is 100% unique. So this is how we use Chimp Rewriter to
rewrite a single article. We're not going to save this article. Now, we are going to
show you how to generate bulk article spinning. We
go to our bulk articles. This is the original articles.


We have five articles
in this folder. We go to Advanced Spinning Directory. We
need to search and click our folder containing articles and in export
setting, we are going to create a new folder so that new articles will be saved
in this folder. In configuration, we are going to use Balance and we uncheck
reorder sentences. After that we click Export. It will start spinning the
articles. And it is done. Now we go to our folder. So it has saved in this folder. These are the bulk
article spun article by Chimp Rewriter. Thank you for watching..

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