Scrapebox Article Scraper Plugin – Scrape Articles, Spin, Rewrite, Translate

hello this is loop line in this video I'm going to cover a premium plugin the article scraper plugin now there is an article scraper add-on which you can see by going to the add-ons menu and it's free but it only gives you basic options and article scraping ability however there is a premium plugin the scrape box article scraper and it gives you a lot more so the way you get it is you go to available premium plugins and you choose the article scraper follow through the pay link and then once you've paid for it you download it here and wait for activation once everything's up and running and ready to go you would go to premium plugins and scrapebox article scraper and this is what you'll see starting on the far left we have the proxies and settings tab pretty basic if I want to use proxies I'm going to put them in here I can load in a list if I like then I'm going to choose the directory where I'm going to save my articles and it comes up automatically with your plugins directory they're in an articles folder and then I can choose to save the articles as and obviously you 2 FS 8 is preferred and then set my connections make sure you take note that your connection should not exceed the number of proxies that you have otherwise you might get banned I'm actually going to back it down just a little bit here I got ten proxies but I've already been using them so I don't want to go overboard and remove hyperlinks from articles if you like use proxies when available if you like save articles in a subfolder created based on keywords that's pretty handy because if I want to put in various keywords here like say I want to put in car white hat and scrape box it will create a separate folder for each one of these keywords and save each respective article related to that keyword in its own folder otherwise you'll just get them all stuck together there so I like that it's a great number of articles per keyword I'm just going to do 50 because I don't need loads of articles if you said it's unlimited you'll get a lot depending on the keyword I guess it depends on how much is out there but you can get a lot I've gotten well over 100 per keyword and I just don't need that many so we got different directories you can choose and then once we've done with all that we actually have the harvester here I can load in keywords if I like and then just hit start you can see as it goes through here it's going to go through and pull articles the total count here for each one will be 50 and so we've got our articles obvious scrapebox here there's not as many articles about scrapebox but we can see for white hat and car there are still lots of articles now we can pop this open here and see our actual articles let me get that up here and here we have all three of the folders with each one having its own respective articles and ten ways and save money in your automobile and there we go nice article all laid out for us and all available there and we can see there's a lot of articles so going on to the next section we have the article translation option what this does is allows you to translate from various languages so say I have a bunch of articles that I want to translate from English to German since that's what's there so let me choose my articles here and we're just going to go ahead and choose for this one let me give this up here we're going to choose the car folder and do the car articles and select that and then I'm going to save them in the same thing but I'm going to make a subfolder under cars called German and just save them in there take it yep okay and it start and a way it will go you can see it's processing now an interesting thing I can do here is I could go from English to German and then load these German articles back in and say go to French and then load the french articles back in and say translate back to English and as you translate from one language to another you keep the same ideas but because of the translations you wind up with different words so you can actually create unique articles that way and so once that's done we'll just open this up here and we'll see our German articles and we can see three signs you need an oil change in English and then three signs you need an oil change in German and so that is the translator part of it the word replace what it does is it takes a list of articles or a folder full of articles and it will replace any words that you choose to replace so the format is existing word equals new word so if I had the word car and I wanted to replace every time the word car was there with the word vehicle I could do that now I can also choose to replace with other words as well or spin text so I can go car equals car vehicle etc so that's not going to pick one of those words is going to replace it with that entire spin text line and so I can make lists of these based around particular keyword sets that I'm using if I always was using cars and I always wanted to replace with vehicles here or say I wanted to replace it with SUVs or campers or whatever and then I can load those lists in here and use them and basically what we're going to do is choose a folder and choose a group of articles here say car and then car and I'll do replaced and I'm just going to change this take this first line here and hit start and it's really quick so we can bring back up our list of articles here and this is the list that's replaced so three signs you need an oil change and as you go through here you can see like down through here go beyond the recommended time frame before you need your car into auto shop this is replace with vehicle so that's how the word replace works the API Sprinter is pretty basic it hooks up to the Best Spinner and you punch in your email address and your password and then you choose a folder that you want to have input and output from and then you can choose your quality here and your synonyms and that sort of thing and so let me get that hooked up and I'll show you how it works and so I've got a hooked up here and I chose the keyword white hat this time and a folder for TBS spun and it's going to connect to the Best Spinner and spin out those articles based on that and then we can go in and actually see them as well and as we pop them open here three and SEO practices blah blah blah and you can see that they are all spun out and all those spin Tech's come from the Best Spinner and choosing their database so that is how that segment works for the API spinner and then under spin tax what this does is you select a folder or an individual article that already contains spin text and then you select where you want your new articles to be saved and you tell it how many you want and it'll make individual unique articles out of those and we'll get rid of any duplicates so if we take for instance our articles that were just fun with the best spinner and then select a folder underneath it here and I'm just going to call it unique and I don't need 110 articles so let's hit 10 hit start it's going to go through that and do that and then let's open back up here and we can see our unique folder here and it even names them here with a number on the end rather so you can see three negative SEO practices here it's three negative SEO practices and what you can do about it and then here it is goes to one through ten and it gives you the unique articles where it has taken that spin text we got from the Best Spinner obviously you could use any article to have spin text and they create individual articles for it so that's pretty handy then we have the article rewriter this really has a lot of feature what we can do is actually load in individual articles so let me just load an article here on scrapebox and advanced internet marketing for instance as you click on a word it will bring up synonyms over here and right now there are 79 hundred and sixty-six synonyms in my database and so I could say advanced internet marketing let's say state-of-the-art highly developed and superior so you can see it brings it in here and it even colors it then we can even nest spin if we want so every time it says superior I want to also swap it out for highly-developed so now it's going to go through here and 25% of the time it will use the word van twenty-five say they are 25 it'll use highly-developed and then the other 25% of time it will pick one of these two so you know if you were to take this and use it another program you'd obviously want to make sure that supports nested spinning but it does support nested spinning you can go ridiculous amounts of levels deep and just make it almost illegible but you get the point there and then as we go through here we can actually just hit next go to the next word and it will go along here and just go to the next word and give you synonyms for each one of them now we do have an auto spintax option what it's going to do is go through and replace all the words in here with all the words in the date database and just give me a little message here because I already had some done and so it only works if you don't have any spin text in there so let's hit auto spin text let's do a thing and they went through and used all of the words in the database to replace all the other words so a pretty-pretty spun out article there there's not very many words in there that actually don't have other words attached to them then what we can do is we can actually preview this article and it'll take one of the spun versions and show it up here and then I can get word density and look and see how many of each word is repeated to there and the percentages I can even enable stop words filter and get rid of stop words and then I can export to CSV that sort of thing so pretty handy there if I want to add my own words I can so let's just load back in a blank article will be easier to work with here or a non spun article rather so let's say for competitive here I want it to load in my own keywords you know what let's not do that word let's go do another word that'll work better for instance let's do Google and so I can actually make a new record and add Bing and Yahoo and when I click on Google in the future to bring up those as options now once the records made I can add synonyms to it and then what I'm going through here I can apply to all so every time the word a particular word is used like if I want to take common for instance every time a particular word is used I can right click on this and reply refer to all common so every time word comment is used all through this article I can replace it with the word preferred you can see as you go through there it looks like it was only used once but if it was used a bunch of times then it would be replaced in all of them and so that's a pretty handy feature now if I want to add synonyms to my database in more of a bulk fashion I can do an import and so if I wanted to take and add articles that have spun text in them so say you have a particular niche that you're working with or a particular language that sort of thing and you want to add your own synonyms and you have an article that's already spun so say you run it through the Best Spinner or some other service I mean you can create articles with any service you want out there and get their spintax database and your articles because it's using those words in there and then when you load this in under import it will bring in all those words and it'll add all those synonyms to the database and so if I wanted to do something like this and this is obviously very basic but I could do something like this have an article it has spin text in it when I import this every time it's going to associate all these keywords with Google as well as all of them with all the other ones so every time the word lycos was in an article it would give me all these other options as synonyms for it so let's just go ahead and import this and then we'll click on Google and see the difference so if I'm jump up here and import it and we can see our are available synonyms count went up and now let's go back to Google here and click on that and we'll see all of the other engines coming there with it now obviously you could spend a lot of time and effort creating databases and so you can backup the database which is pretty handy and then and it creates a backup with the date on it and everything as you can see with the pop-up there and then you can actually have different synonym databases so if you had different niches you are working with or different languages that sort of thing right now I'm using the English database but I can create a new database and then save them off as individual ones and then I can select a particular database that I want to use when rewriting articles which is pretty handy and of course have the option to save the article when I'm all done with it as well now the last option here is the word replace option this is handy if you want to make like one particular article that's unique so if I want to go through here and every time I have the word hyperlink replace it with something else so website link let me take that off there and replace the word then it would go it's been abused let's see because since and see it got rid of the word because there everyone everybody can do through it make a complete comprehensive and so what's happening there is now I'm getting completely unique articles so if I want to go through make just one article I can use the word replace if I'm looking to make like hundreds articles it's probably not going to be a good option but you get the point they're just a nice option depending on how you want to use it and so the last tab here is the actual article poster so this is allows you to post to WordPress and blogger blogs that you own so you'd punch in your title of your post that you want to do and this is an actual post that's going to go to your website punch in your tags punch in your categories you can actually put your article here and then you can edit it put in hyperlinks and pictures and that sort of thing and you can actually import your article and load and save data and then when you go to post you can have it set to the default date or you can give it a date range that you want the article to post in and then down here is your actual accounts so you're going to import URLs that is going to be in this form so you just put your website then the pipe key and then use the name of the pipe key and then password and you make a list one per line of all of your websites and you import them here and then you can choose your connections I remember this is your posting to your website so you probably don't want to go up to 100 connections if you have a hundred websites all in the same server and to sound like shared hosting or something you might have issues there so set your connections and hit start and it will actually go out to your websites and post and you can obviously load spun articles in here and it'll post just a unique article and then when it's done it will even give you the permalink where you can visit the actual page that the article was posted on your site and then you can export that when you're done so there's a lot of options in the article scraper plug-in and you can twist things up a lot of ways really a lot of ability to get unique content and even the ability to go out and post it to your own blog network to your own sites or you can obviously save it off and use it however you want and that is the scrapebox article scraper plugin you


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