Spin Rewriter 4.0 Review | Spin Rewriter 4.0 Discount + BONUS

in this video I'm going to review spin rewriter 4.0 but first let me show you all the bonus downloads that you will receive when you sign up for spin rewriter 4.0 you get your detailed 34 day 27 thousand daily visit SEO blueprint your official wordpress plugin blog post spinner surprise bonus site guard pro unannounced bonus setting up your first website now for my spin rewriter 4.0 review I'm actually going to compare spin rewriter 4.0 and the best spinner I'm going to take a pill article and place it in the best spinner and spin rewriter 4.0 now we're going to the spin rewriter and spin this and then go down to one click rewrite and generate a unique version ninety percent unique compared to the original text now I'm going to copy and paste one paragraph from the best spinner and one paragraph from spin rewriter that's in a format so you can read it now I'm going to grab the original paragraph from the original article ok here is the best spinner and that's how they spun it spin rewriter that's how they spun it and original article now as you can see with their spin rewriter you've got this sentence here which is this sentence here so the actual paragraph has been spun but it reads quite well so if you want to enlarge the video and have a grid of this just pause the video now now I'm going to show you some different features inside spin rewriter the first step is to rewrite a signal article or rewrite multiple articles to rewrite a single article just simply paste in the article here and then down here it's the best feature would you like to spend your original text on paragraph and sentence level here you can choose a line spin rewriter to automatically rewrite complete sentences or I want spin rewriter to automatically rewrite entire paragraphs online spin rewriter to automatically right additional paragraphs on its own I want to spin rewriter to automatically change the entire structure of phrases and sentences and then you just press start rewriting process and then you go to step 2 you can just select settings or just a one click rewrite and as you can see here the uniqueness stats is moons of possibility versions 99% unique on average down here you have additional settings how many synonyms or words and phrases here i just select low risk high readability and then down here you can enter in the protected words the keywords in the article that you don't want spun and then press Start one click rewrite process and as you can see it's rewriting the article that's done and then you just press Continue just final step and this is where the magic happens generate a unique version of this text uniqueness stats the generated version is ninety percent unique when compared to the original text to claim your seven day free trial of spin rewriter 4.0 just click the link below this video and then that other page and press give me instant access you


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