**Spin Rewriter: A Quick Peek Inside. BOOM! :)))

hey this is Mike Hobbs into name to be
reviewing the spin rewriter 4.0 tool and this is actually a tool
that you can use to create unique in quality content hearses you know duplicate content so if you're if you're
worried about you know copying and pasting certain content to certain blocker maybe
your block to your YouTube video or are white na na see some live
examples in today's video spin rewriter is definitely for you now keep
in mind before I actually go into it today
doesn't matter if you have just worn on if you do not have the store all have a link below in the description
ass out pretty cool bonus I'll talk about it later those are you actually purchaser but if
you already have a tool you also gonna get hung up value from
this video cuz I know you walk in you through
exactly how to use it ksl and you're gonna we're
gonna go really deep into the straw also really
really excited a first-ball keep in mind I used to use a tool called the best spinner before I i switch over
to spin rewriter now best dinner was awesome I had on my
PC uses suffer on my computer up but then I
made the switch over to you Mac you know and once you go Mac you
never go back rain perhaps a bottom line is I made the
switch and I notice that I couldn't run my my best spinner very well way I have to open up I have a program on my
Mac now that will run some of our stuff but I I
started searching online for spinning tool that was a 100 percent
web-based so I can just log in online and I do
everything from online and see you know which is more factor and I
found it spin rewriter and the cool thing is once I started
using new spending to all I don't know why I have ever used the
best spinner before because the best spinners awesome
but this one was so much more simple to use and it was all online in Napa download
any software and it works very very well so I'm I am really excited about it when
I when I started actually going into
itself first of all I use this mainly because you know I'm a
six-figure in the home based business industry and
I use this mainly when i'm you know when I create a blog post
alright their unique article are unique blog post and then when I want to put that
description or in my youtube videos and senators copying and pasting I spin
it a little bit so that its unique and I put that in my
youtube videos that's what I've been using my spinning calls for I also use it in my social backlinking
tools are maybe are you one of those as well
like things like social Monkee and stuff like that and I use it that is
the time I want a unique articles so I don't wanna sit there in
right a whole new unique one this is what I use these the spinning
calls for let's go ahead and review in actually go
through the store so when you log in to your account you'll notice it'll just be like this is
only a few tabs mean literally my account rewrite
archives you can look at all your past ones a PI if you want to integrate into
things like social Monkee Anatolia and then I think you so you
dance right questions like that they had Getting Started tutorials
everything like that here's how I do it so let's say a you're looking now for a
keyword let's just say I make money online K are you I read an article on make
money online you can either go to Google and this is
a really cool where users to all anti make money online you can find a other articles are things that other people are writing and
then rewrite into your own words I using the spinning Co K you can use but but I'll see what I do you seeing go
to lack ABC News if you just want some ideas you
can grab this whole article mentions respect it however you wanna do it has go ahead
just do that work so let's say I want to take this article
and make a unique for this can be your own are all course K gonna be plagiarism and all
that stuff but to but the cool thing about it is when
you spin it it's a unique articles I'll that's what's cool about this so
you just paste in your article here and let me show you one other place you can
search Q another awesome places easy an article
you can actually go look for actual articles written and you know
when you search here for your keyword or whatever you're
you're searching for you can find relevant articles based on
that you were seeking Spinoza rewrite those K for your YouTube
videos are alright so right here then you just
paste and the the text K now this is step one okay so here's what i do.

pexels photo 3631711

Once you have 500 words or whatever I if
you're going for SEO stuff make sure you have like 500 words at least alright so you can either just click
Start the rewriting process or if you're going for make money online
keywords so say you want to protect that word you a greater you click on Settings and I you can make it to you know super spy on her so very hard
to understand you can you can use it less I actually duelo risk that's that's what I do I like to
have his unique you know I wanna unique article that I
also want to make sense I personally use the low-risk one makes my life a lot easier and then you
just protect your keyword searches me money online or a product name or
whatever Araki were going for your article you
protect it and there's also a dick protect
capitalized words so lifetimes names and stuff are capitalize
so you can protect capitalized words well I usually do that and then that's it that's how easy is that you put the tax
American you click on feeling lucky so once you click to make sure your
login by the way that otherwise a smaller k might take a little while ending on how long article is and then while I
look at that it spends it right there and you have
all the spinning code a if you read through you'll notice all
those gobbling you can spend code now the only time you ever used the
actual spin color is if you're using tools like social
monk your sound so for example I have a talk also from monkey when I
click submit URL it sometimes ask for you know Spinco so right here so you can actually take
this this article not say this is the time at
all you can take that Spenco to rate their and put that as the title and then you can take the the rest of
the article as the body now obviously in an SOC
mckellen you like a couple paragraphs you can only have 1200 characters max up by you guys get the point so if you
ever need to use a spin coming use an article submitter I know some are matters out there like
unique article whether you spend code or some other ones you can just literally copy and paste
this over into those article writers are sophomores are what are you
doing so if you ever need the spin coater for tools are services you're using this
is what you will use here so what you do when you wanna pulled
over on your YouTube be over something so they say this is your blog post the
just fun we can even write out a %uh
description here I got to do is click on create a unique
version and every time you click that it changes
you know asap whose is he percent unique he ninety percent he any menu on Manny for nine years about as unique as moving
yet on wall up you have a ninety percent unique article from the original article now that is powerful my friends so
literally this is a new written newly written article on the same concepts and subject but it's now your article and use your
unique content you not gonna run and duplicate content
paying and I in fact that would actually recommend
you read through it though because anything he's a spinner you never know you know something may
not make sense you wanna go through and and and read it may be at
your own words to it a little bit but this saves you at ton love time ayatollah time first if you using
YouTube videos and search you can literally spend some in a matter
of seconds as you can see right on line right rate very quickly right your ad online
and use it very very effectively so it's a really
really awesome tool now there's also some are archives and
things like that API's now the EPI school cousin social Monkee
one was told to use you can click on Tools and then just
literally click on API and put the EPI over there and you can you can use it with in here
like by just typing packs and then clicking the
button and it's already integrated the school's
soul that is an awesome I mean ever since I
started using spin rewriter I've been super super happy with it a very very excited about an Irish what
I wanna do for you guys here's their pricing K %uh now they have
a monthly version it's a little pricey for you the monthly
merge in his thirty seven dollars a month I i don't personally like to have a lot
of monthly fees so I art to do these other ones like
either the yearly I did the yearly the team have a
lifetime when I got it so my mines coming up to you actually I mean look on my cow see yeah like so I bought this last year
actually december twenty-eighth is my renewed gay
so coming up soon I'm actually going to you
get the personally I'm going to get the lifetime
urgent so I never have a monthly fee again cuz I really love this tool are constantly updating us what's cool
about it has it is spin rewriter but there are 4.0 now so they're constantly updating
I'm gonna get the lifetime version I suggest you at least get the yearly
virgin to you not having a month to month the
fees with these kinda tools K I like the lower my monthly fees much as
possible and the best way to do that and by yearly or lifetime versions are
these tools as you can see it was very very easy to
use very easy to follow very simple no software and all that
good stuff and those are you actually perch that
you may link below and you shoot me an email at my at my carbs Dhami some Mike at my card
on me I'm gonna actually give you %uh 30 free spun articles so things like our
own marketing best Facebook fan pages for your mom
leave now these articles are already being stun there's a primary article and
promotional articles if you wanna run promotions like through a crazy software tools and things of that nature
and the cool thing is there are already spun for you so all
you have to do is copy this pasted in here and click generate unique and BAM you've got a
unique article %uh eighty-four percent uniquely that e3 e3 so eighty-three percent unique
articles based on any of these keywords: so I'm
gonna throw that in there 103 just have to purchase through the
link below send me an email at my cat my comstock
me with your receipt and I'll give you 30 free articles that
you can use that your will whatever you want you for your articles
for your videos one so with that being said making a
wonderful day and look forward to seeing you on the
next week

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