Spin Rewriter Review 2018 – Spin Rewriter 9.0 Review (How People Make 💰With It!)

hey guys welcome to my spin rewriter 9.0
review in this review you're gonna learn everything that you need to know about
spin rewriter and basically if you need it or not in your arsenal and I'm gonna
show you why people use this how they use it and how they make money with
using spin rewriter so stick around to the very end because in this video I'm
also gonna be providing a bonus if you do decide to get spin rewriter because
most people will tell you that you can make money with this product but they
don't really show you how and with my bonus I'm actually going to show you how
you can make money with this product let me exit out of Norton here anyways let's
get started with this sales page as you can see this is the spin rewriter 8.0
sales page but this is going to change come this October 4th this will be 9.0
and this yearly price is actually going to be discounted to $77 and that's a
steal that's only gonna last I believe for a good 5 days and it's gonna go back
up alright so we're in the spin rewriter dashboard area and what we're gonna do
here is I'm going to show you the power of spin rewriter now let's say we're
writing an article for a site we don't like for example pbn and we don't want
to really pay for an article for it let's say we want to talk about the
symptoms of spinal disc herniation that's a topic that I chose so let's
copy something from wiki and you can do this with any site and paste it in to
spin rewriter alright let's paste this here now the next step is to go ahead
and click here on the settings area and by the way there's a lot of other like
advanced features but I'm not going to be using them in this demo as you can
see you can spin this to automatically rewrite complete sentences entire
paragraphs I usually just don't go that advanced
okay so what I do here clear this because this is the important part I
leave these settings alone but what I want to do here
show you the protected keywords so let's say this is my article
I don't want spin rewriter to spin a specific keyword so for example let's
say paralysis I don't want spin rewriter to to replace
that with a synonym okay and I don't want symptoms as well I do not want that
spun so we just do it line by line and we don't want nerves let's say I don't
want those three once you have your protected keywords that you don't want
replaced either click start rewriting the rewriting process or I'm feeling
lucky and I usually just click that and it'll start rewriting your article and
you'll see what I mean here in just a second okay so this is our spun article as you
can see it's got spin syntax in there that's not what you're gonna be copying
on to our theoretical pbn website right what you want to do is create a generate
a unique version this is the button you want to click on and as you can see it
rewrote the article and it's 92 percent unique from or compared to the original
and guess what you can just keep spinning this again and it's gonna
change any one percent any two percent so symptoms of a herniated disk could
all could differ depending on the area of a herniation as well as the types of
soft tissues that become involved as you can see it reads pretty well there right
and you can just keep decide which one you like the best and then copy and
paste that onto your website and there's also the copyscape button to check if if
you have a count on copy space you can hook it up here and it'll tell you if
it's 100 or if it's past copyscape basically you check grammar and spelling
that's if you have perfect tense and you can also preview it and post it to
WordPress before I click on preview here I want to show you a few cool couple of
things that this thing can do spin rewriter as you can see if we actually
type in our keyword disk herniation I bet you we can find some videos and yeah
there it is so let's say I wanted to include this one spin rewriter just
inserted it right here as you can see and let's add an image shall we so it
lets you let's say disk herniation fetch images and we don't have too many
options here but that's okay right here and now let's click preview this is what
it's going to look like once it's copy and pasted correctly over to your
website all right that was a preview anyways if you wanted to you can post it
straight to WordPress that's if you purchased their upgrade they do have an
upgrade when you do have spin rewriter but anyways guys that was the demo and
slash to for spin rewriter okay guys so I want to
talk about now before I wrap this video up three reasons why people actually use
spin rewriter because I know everyone's gonna be telling you hey it's a great
tool I've been using it for X amount of years and I use it in my online business
okay great but how how do I make money with it alright so number one is people
use it to spin articles for their pbn networks or pbn sites okay that's an SEO
use for this software and number two is people use it for general descriptions
or other general uses so for example let's say you created this awesome
YouTube video and you don't really want to take the time or pay someone to write
the long description that can help your YouTube break
well you can basically copy somebody else's description put it into spin
rewriter and it's going to give you a unique version that actually makes sense
right because spin rewriter has been around for a long time I believe since
2011 so it's just gonna spin it in a way that actually makes sense
so it's rewriting it and you can actually read it in English alright and
the third and most powerful way that people use spin rewriter is for
affiliate marketing they do it with mass page affiliate sites so if you haven't
heard of this before it's basically you create a site that has a lot of pages on
it and the site targets at least ten products but there's a lot of pages
being created around long tail variations of the offer keyword and
people do this all the time with a lot of different niches with a lot of
different affiliate networks so this is something in affiliate marketing
that you can definitely use to start making commissions it's not an authority
affiliate site so I have to make that distinction mass page affiliate sites
are really just to get a lot of money in your online
marketing warchest or to build up your capital in other words okay so and it's
once you get it down you can automate it you can hire VA to do these math page
affiliate sites now at this point previous people who talk about math page
sites would just let you go off and wonder how do math page affiliate sites
actually work so what I'm gonna do is offer you a bonus when spin rewriter 9.0
comes out and if you buy through the link below in the description of this
video if you actually sign up for a trial or buy it I'm gonna be sending you
my free course on how to create these mass page sites now before you sign up
for spin rewriter 9 phone 9.0 or any other version that comes out in
the future what I want to show you here is my affiliate reports for this month
and this guy's is all through the mass page sites that I have I'm creating them
I have an automated system already okay so this is get response on the left as
you can see there's four new accounts this month and let's see now four new
free accounts and two new paid accounts by the way get response and other pay
and you can do this with any affiliate offer right if you have a reoccurring
affiliate product you can create mass page sites on that and as you can see
just september i mean it's not a lot but these start to add up especially for
reoccurring right and then on the right hand side this is my share sale
dashboard this month so far I've made 821 dollars so I hope you actually like
that proof that I do make money with math page sites using spin rewriter okay
you're gonna need spin rewriter to create your mass page sites your mass
page articles so I'm not gonna be offering this bonus forever just because
I don't want too many people knowing about this cool strategy I'm going to
leave my spin rewriter 9.0 link below this video once you sign up for a trial
like I said you will get access to my free course that teaches you how to
create maths pay affiliate sites and one last thing
before I forget if you actually do purchase spin rewriter for the year or
even a monthly plan you're going to get a second tier bonus that the free trial
people do not get by purchasing through my link below you're also going to get
additional offers that are converting for me on these mask page sites so
previously I only showed you two that was get response and share sale and
share sale there are a lot of products on there that convert and that are mass
page friendly so make sure to check out spin rewriter 9.0 remember that the 197
price is going to be $77 that's all you're gonna pay a year to have spin
rewriter if you purchase within the first few days of October 4th which is
launch day anyways I hope you guys liked this video give it a like if you have
any questions put them in the description below or in the comment
section below and I'll talk to you soon


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