Spin Rewriter Review 2020: Spin 100% plagiarism to 100% unique

Hello everyone, I'm going to show you how
to use Spin Rewriter. First we copy our original article. We will use "Rewrite single article". So this is Spin Rewriter will rewrite single article. We paste the article. Before that we go to the Dupli Checker. We paste our
original article in order to check plagiarism. Click checking Plagiarism. The result turns out to be 100% plagiarism as expected. We copy this article from one of the website. Therefore the
similarity, there are a few articles similar to our article we use for
testing. We go back to Spin Rewriter. We'll look at the setting for sentences
and paragraph, for words and phrases, and advance setting. We are not going to change
any setting. Next, we click rewrite article. This is the Spintax generated
by Spin Rewriter. Next, we finalized the article. With this spintax, we are going to
generate a unique article. We go to setting.


We are not going to use original
words. Okay, we are generating article. This is one article generated by using
the Spintax. We copy the spun article and we go back to the Dupli Checker. We
refresh the Dupli Checker. Next, we paste this article and we will click check plagiarism. Finally, with the article spun by Spin
Rewriter, we will get 100% unique article. Thank you for watching video. Bye bye!.

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