Spin Rewriter Review- Spin Rewriter Version 11 Honest Review With Demo

hi guys and gals have you been struggling to 
figure out does spin rewriter is the best spinning   tool there in the market i am too so stay tuned 
with me to know that and this is not going to be   a video like other creators where they just read 
the sales page and don't show you live in action   does those features and functions of the software 
really work so now pay close attention to this   video so basically today i will show you how you 
can save 120 with spin rewriter and how can you   claim up to 60 discount on your purchase what 
features i found in spin rewriter that no other   tool provides on the whole planet and all big 
announcements related to spin rewriter 11 version   and the principle of working of spin rewriter 
we'll see what makes it unique from other spinners   and we'll also see spin rewriter demo it's all 
function from a to z and it's full spinning   potential inside this spin rewriter demo and last 
but not least spin rewriter pricing and we'll also   see do they have any money back guarantee and spin 
rewriter upsells and down sales and my amazing   amazing bonuses which i never gave to anyone on 
this channel and they worth 5476.

You can see all   of them on my website and the bonus comprises 
premium softwares premium ebooks and guides   and done-for-you marketing templates and traffic 
secrets guides and thousands of dollars affiliate   marketing course by my mentor with our winning 
affiliate product and most of the bonuses you   can get just for creating your free account with 
spin rewriter 11. stay tuned to learn more how   you can get them i have given all the important 
parts of this video in the descriptions timestamp   you can scroll through the parts which you want to 
see i don't want to waste your valuable time more   because i really hate when people waste my time 
so just hope straight into spin rewriter review   or spin rewriter 11 review and see what you can 
expect from spin rewriter 11a so now pay close   attention to my screen i have logged into my spin 
rewriter account as you can see here you have got   a couple of options here you can rewrite a single 
article you can rewrite multiple articles then   you have this gold membership and the wordpress 
plugin integration i will go deep into both of   them later and both are really really amazing 
feature which i found in only spin rewriter   okay so next you can see your complete archive of 
articles that you've written in the past you can   join their affiliate program and promote spin 
rewriter here is a tutorial section and it has   a collection of more than 10 brand new tutorial 
videos that explain every feature of spin rewriter   and turn you into a content generating ninja and 
you can contact support here to spin rewriter team   with your queries and believe me they are very 
fast and you must know spin rewriter is not a   fly-by-night product they are in the industry 
since 2011 and they are constantly upgrading   brand new functions and features into spin 
rewriter every year its artificial intelligence   is just amazing and it is getting better and 
better every year to help out their customer   to achieve far more accurate results in their 
spinning i have spin rewriter premium account   and i have spun hundreds of articles from my ebook 
for my other youtube channels and for my websites   let's put a quick example to understand 
its functionality and principle of working   so let's put john can relax and read a book 
because his kids can book the vacation for him   now here's what makes spin rewriter stand out 
most other content tools don't understand english   they don't get that the same word can have 
more than one meaning so they see a word like   book and they change it to novel which is fine 
here but then they do the same thing again and   you end up with because his kids can novel the 
vacation for him which doesn't make much sense   now let's run this sentence through spin 
rewriter when we click here we can see that   spin rewriter knows that this book means novel 
and that this book means make a reservation   it can also tell that john is singular so this ken 
should become is able to while kids is plural so   this ken should become are able to but this is 
not all spin rewriter can do it can also detect   that the word book belongs to the verb read and 
then both actions relax and read the book can   be swapped around to make your sentence even more 
unique and not just that it can even rearrange the   entire sentence because it understands the cause 
and effect so it moves the word because from the   middle of the sentence to the very beginning while 
preserving the exact same meaning just like this   now if you want to spin this sentence manually 
let's look at the word relax spin rewriter can   instantly suggest the top available synonyms or 
you can select some more when you're happy with   your list of synonyms you can quickly apply those 
synonyms to all words relax in this entire text   which will save you a lot of time and of course 
if you want spin rewriter to do all of the hard   work for you just use the one-click rewrite 
option and spin rewriter will automatically   determine the best synonyms for all of 
the words and phrases completely hands off   so let's take a look at just some of the 
results spin rewriter gives us since john's   children are able to schedule the holiday for 
him he can easily flip through a novel and rest   here's another one because his kids 
can easily set up the trip for him   john is able to scam a newspaper and take it easy 
all of this means that when you spin an article   with spin rewriter it makes sense you don't have 
to spend ages going through it and writing it with   spin rewriter it's completely unique and it still 
sounds just like a human wrote it the difference   between spin rewriter and most other spinners 
is that i found it don't just use a simple   table of words spin rewriter uses emulated natural 
language for its enl semantic spinning technology   it analyzes your entire article to truly 
understand what you're trying to say   their enl technology is using something 
called convolutional neural networks   which is the same principle google is using 
to rank the quality of content on the web   this means google is basically trained to love the 
unique content you'll be generating their in the   semantic spending technology also guarantees 
that when spin rewriter makes suggestions   it's far more accurate saving you far more time 
letting you put out more articles build more   blogs and get more links for your money sites 
with other spinners you can do a few articles   every day with spin rewriter you can become a 
publishing machine and all this is important   because if you want to get to really profitable 
rankings you're going to need a lot of blogs   and a lot of links which means you're going to 
need almost unlimited content with spin rewriter   you can generate as much unique content as you 
need wait this demo was just to understand the   working principle of spin rewriter some very 
crucial settings of spin rewriter are on your way   which you must know before buying spin rewriter 
let me generate some big articles and take a look   at the full potential of spin rewriter with all 
other features of spin rewriter like side-by-side   comparison of original and spun text stock photos 
and videos integration and many other features of   spin rewriter so let's go to google search for 
ezinearticles okay so let's go to ezinearticles   and take a quick example from the health and 
fitness category now we have some subcategory   let's go with the acne category for this video and 
copy this portion and paste it into spin rewriter   here in the bottom left corner we have some spin 
settings and here you can adjust any of these and   so it gives you all kinds of options depending 
on how much you want to spin your content   now undoubtedly the more you spin your articles 
the less readable it will be so many times i don't   even use any of these options i go manually 
with its provided synonyms and suggestions   to control the readability of my article but you 
can if you click on this more option button it   gives you details and explains to you exactly what 
each feature does if you want to make use of them   now here if we go to words and phrases you can 
protect some special words in your articles which   you don't want to spin you can protect all the 
capitalized words by just clicking at this button   and if we go to advanced settings here you can 
enable auto one-click rewrite option basically   via this you can spin your article very fast and 
easy then we have this enable hyperspeed option it   allows spin rewriter to works faster then you 
have one level and multi-level nested spining   i won't suggest you to enable this option because 
it will make your article very less readable   before i spin this article let 
me show you these two options   first is fetch a new article and this is a link 
with a service called big content search which   has lots of plr articles and ebooks related 
to any niche you can just put your keyword and   it will fetch tons of articles for you if 
you have subscription then at the bottom   we have a fixed grammar option through this you 
can fix any grammatical error in the article and   this is integrated with perfect tense to fix them 
via subscription so that's it now let's go ahead   in rewriting our article just click on rewrite 
article now it's preparing the best possible   synonyms for your article actually it is reading 
it and trying to understand the words so it's   going to go through and replace all these words 
with the best synonyms possible you can see here   in the bottom that it says uniqueness billions 
of possible versions you can potentially get   i just want to show you the full spun article 
we have got here and how fast it has done this   and here you can see this i can click on any 
of these words and i can continue to edit this   article further so if i click on one of these 
you can see custom words the top words you can   select all the words and we can apply your desired 
synonym at one click here for the whole article   and here you can also filter them by meaning 
so where it actually tries to understand each   and every meaning from your article so you're 
getting the best words added to your article   okay so go ahead and you can see here at the 
bottom you can have a couple of options like one   click rewrite option save for later and finalize 
article okay so let's finalize this article here   so this is our full spun article right here 
let's go and click on generate a new article   and here's an article that it has created for 
us here you can preview the article and you can   also connect your copyscape with it and post 
to your wordpress site directly now pay close   attention to this honorable mention which is 
about a new feature of spin rewriter that will   be live with version 11 of spin rewriter right 
now we all user have spin rewriter version 10.   the spin rewriter version 11 will be live on the 
11th of November and version 11 will have a very   awesome feature that is if we go to fetch videos 
and type our keyword at will fetch related videos   related to our article in the bottom here you 
can select the frequency of videos per article   i'll leave it to one video per article and 
now if i go down in this article you can see   it has adds this code in here for the videos well 
in the new version 11 which you guys are going to   have you're not going to see this code you will 
see the actual video it will have a visual editor   so you can see this video in the article at the 
same time and the same thing works with images 2   with spin rewriter version 11.


So now i want to 
show you spin rewriter pricing upsells downsell   spin rewriter 11's incredibly amazing features 
and my super amazing bonuses so now pay close   attention to this spin rewriter provides you three 
pricing plans monthly yearly and one-time fee   with lifetime access to the software that means no 
monthly or yearly fee with all three plans you get   almost the same features as you can spin unlimited 
articles in while spinning algorithm which i have   explained to you in the beginning bulk spinning at 
one time and mass exporting feature but with the   yearly plan you will also get some extra things 
like bonuses from the spin rewriter and a five-day   free trial and the price of the monthly plan is 37 
per month and the lifetime plan will cost you 497   but in this special spin rewriter 11 five-day 
launches period only the price of the yearly plan   drops to 77 a year from 197 it means you'll 
get almost 60 discount great deal isn't it   they have made this 77 a year offer no brainer 
for us to try it out with five days free trial   i will highly recommend you to give it a try with 
five days free and if you feel this is not as good   as you thought you can cancel the free trial at 
any time so they have eliminates all the risk of   joining them and give them a try wait don't click 
off we haven't yet seen the upsells in downsell   other people will not show all the hidden upsells 
and downsell you are gonna have with spin rewriter   but to be honest with you guys let me show you all 
the upsells and downsells but don't worry they all   are optional upsells and downsell if you find 
them great you can give them a try or you can   just use spin rewriter to spin your articles 
so as i already show you the front end price   of spin rewriter now let's see upsells the first 
two upsell you will get from spin rewriter is its   gold membership and its wordpress plugin with gold 
membership you will be treated as vip person and   you will get seo support virtual assistant support 
and many other vip treatments you can see them   on my screen and with spin rewriter wordpress 
plugin you'll get access to the official spin   rewriter wordpress plugin spin rewriter wordpress 
licenses like steroids for your wordpress websites   as you can see all these incredible features on 
my screen so the spin rewriter gold membership   and wordpress plugin both will cost you 37 yeah 
it is a one-time fee next few upsells are related   to seo stuff you'll get the first upsell that 
is hands-off seo that means they will take care   of your seo and this upsell that will cost you 
47 per month after this upsell you'll get one   one click upsell of twenty dollars and above and 
one one click downs of only seventeen dollars all   these seo related upsells and downsell our monthly 
fee so that's it for upsells and downsell of spin   rewriter if you don't get anything just drop me a 
comment so i will highly highly suggest you give   it a try if you need any kind of spinner in your 
work it could be your blog or website or for your   youtube channel etc my spin rewriter bonus applied 
link is given in the description of this video   they worth almost 5 646 dollars you can see all 
of them on my website and the bonus comprises of   premium softwares premium ebooks and guides and 
done-for-you templates and traffic secrets guides   and thousands of dollars affiliate 
marketing course for free with my   winning affiliate program that is groov funnels 
i'll leave the link of its free lifetime access   yes it is a completely free email marketing 
and funnel building platform you can get it   for free due to this pandemic you can check it 
out too so let's get back to our bonuses actually   i am giving away some bonus just for creating your 
free account and some are my premium bonuses which   i will give to only paid members if you choose the 
five day free trial email me your receipt at the   given email address on my website i'll send you 
your all free bonuses and after your free trial   if you upgrade to any of their three plans then 
send me your receipts screenshot at the same email   address so i can send you all your 5646 bonuses my 
email is given on my website if you appreciate my   work make sure to give this video a big thumbs 
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