Spin Rewritter Review | Better or Worse Then The Best Spinner?

hey guys that today I just wanted to do a quick review on spin writer 3.0 it's basically it's very similar to the best spinner a lot of people use the best spinner a couple reasons why I like this better one this works on my mac so i don't have to jump back and forth you know to for my mac to my pc i really like working on my macbook pro a lot better the second thing is the interface is just a lot cleaner than then the best spinner so i like both of them for different reasons and you know I've seen some reviews and say that you know this spins out a bunch of junk but you know basically they all spin out a bunch of junk it really it depends if you really want to spend enough time on it but you know I use this in conjunction with the spin distribution calm and you know basically we're looking for some junk links right we're not looking for you know to put out quality articles here and if you do want to spin a quality article then you spend the time and do it manually but let's go ahead and show you let's go ahead and show you this quickly how this works alright so here we are all you do is copy paste your article in then it would ask you if you want to spin in on complete sentences paragraphs I'll put yes just click these buttons and we'll just change the settings put in our queue where they want to save so I'm doing something MJ go here and it starts the rewriting process and it'll just take a couple seconds here alright there we go and then once we do that just kind of kicked go down here and do one click rewrite and hit that again there we go I'll spun up billions of possible versions and we can just continue to the final step here and there's a spun article and you can create a unique version and you know it's obviously it's not going to be the best article here but if you want to take the time and create some unique articles that are quality you can definitely go in there and do it manually I'm not going to go through that because that's not what I really use this for I use it you know from mass links okay so there's my review if you want to buy this the software it's actually cheaper that's another thing it's only fifty seven dollars for the year as opposed to $77 with the best spinner so this is what i'm using now see you guys


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