Spinner Chief 6 of Year 2020 : The Best Article Rewriter Review- How To Spin To 100% Unique Article

Hello everyone. I'm going to show you how
to use Spinner Chief 6. First we go copy our original
article which will get this article from the website. We paste it into the Dupli Checker
to check plagiarism. As expected,
this original article is 100% plagiarism because we copy from website. There are many articles similar to this testing article. So, we go to Spinner Chief. We paste the
article use for testing and then we use Super Spin. Select "Unique and Readable" and click Super Spin. So it will start
spinning the article. Looking in the progress bar at the bottom right button so it shows 57% so almost complete This is the spin test generated by
Spinner Chief 6. So we click Spin. We are going to spin three articles.
We're not going to use original words. You will generate three unique article. We select one of the article and we will
copy the unique article. We go back to the Dupli Checker. We will refresh the Dupli Checker and we paste the spun article in order to check the plagiarism. Finally, the result shows this
article is 100% unique. It is zero percent plagiarism. Okay, thank you for
watching the video.

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Bye bye!.

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