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Spin Rewriter 8 review only has LIVE gone Here are just 10 of the NEW features 1 Another big step forward in semantic analysis We have a significant update of our meaning extraction and synonym selection algorithms rolled out with further improved artificial intelligence techniques . We are now using something called convolutional neural networks around the role determine what each word plays in a sentence 2 Sentence structure manipulation Spin Rewriter can now also the relationship between parts of a sentence better detected.

Use it so-called grammatical trees to get creative compile new sentence diagram variations so that your sentences read differently, but still still perfect sense It's really magical 3 Manual revision of the synonym database We have more than 500 manure invest to ensure that the proposed synonyms are properly prioritized in different contexts and when they carry different meanings. It also includes the database manually. and check our machine learning algorithm 's harbor picked up any bad habits . They behaved well. 4 Changing times The underlying ENL-Semantic Spinning technology is now able to the grammatical tense of specific sentences to change, for example where it does not hurt to replace current time with future tense not 5 Relevant stock photo integration Further improved integration with free stock photo repositories so it's easy to get super relevant photo 's to add to freshly spun articles 6 Built-in video database With the release of Spin Rewriter 8 review the database of videos are even more powerful and Versatile 7 New Video Tutorials Us added new video tutorials that will turn you into a power user.

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Your spin-fu will be a thing to see . 8 Categorization of articles There are no longer the need to categorize assign individual articles. With just one click you can categorize instantly a selection of your articles 9 Mass- export from Archive Ability to spintax of various points articles directly from to export you Archive 10 and many more more amazing content spinner features for spinherwriter 8 review.

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