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Joshua Zamora’s Synd Trio
SyndTrio – Fast Page 1 Rankings Via Social Syndication In 48 Hours Or Less!
PROVEN, 3-in-1 Web-App
Gets You FAST Page 1 Rankings
For Both Video And Niche Sites
Via Automatic Account Creation, Automatic Content Generation And Automatic Syndication
To 25+ Social Sites!
We have taken one of our BEST selling platforms, Syndlab, to a WHOLE new level!
Syndlab – our web-based platform allows customers to syndicate their content to 25+ social sites automatically has gone through a COMPLETE OVERHAUL!
Yup, to date, Syndlab has over 9,000 members And we’ve processed over 10M posts for our members!
Yes, I said 10,000,000 posts!!!
The marketplace knows the importance of social syndication when it comes to getting rankings, traffic, sales and leads.
Quality Social Syndication WORKS!
😫 However, Syndlab has ALWAYS had TWO major “headaches” that our customers complained about:
❌ having to create accounts on 25+ different sites before being able to use the platform
❌ having to write content for each URL that they syndicate with our platform.
Well, with SyndTrio we have OVERCOME both of these roadblocks!
Introducing – SyndTrio
(the ULTIMATE Update For SyndLab 3.0)
Your customers will now get:
🔥 Automatic Account Creation (SyndCreator)
🔥 Automatic Content Generation (SyndContent)
🔥 Automatic Content Syndication! (SyndLab)
Talk about taking it to the NEXT LEVEL, right?
You are NOW getting the FULL trifecta 🙂
Automated Account Creation (with NO proxies or captcha costs needed)
Automated Content Generation for ANY niche
Automated Social Syndication to 25+ Authority Sites
3 QUALITY Platforms Packed into ONE amazing offer
With SyndTrio You Will Be Able To:
Quickly and Easily have your Social accounts created FOR them on complete autopilot with SyndCreator
Quickly And Easily Have ALL those accounts pushed DIRECTLY into your SyndLab Account automatically
Have ALL your Content needs taken care of for ANY keyword or niche by using our BUILT-IN content engine, SyndContent
Quickly and Easily create a new campaign to syndicate your videos and/or niche sites across ALL of your networks
Be able to get FAST page 1 rankings throught the power of social syndication for themselves AND their clients
Be able to have your content go VIRAL by syndicating their content on ALL their social platforms
And much much more…
SyndTrio Upgrade Offers (OTOs)
SyndTrio Agency
Here your customers will be getting agency access to all 3 platforms and be able to get fast rankings, traffic and sales for themselves AND/or their clients. They’ll be getting a certain number of credits at a MASSIVE discount to be used to create accounts with on SyndCreator. 1 credit is 1 account created with SyndCreator. And 1 Credit is 1 article generated inside of Syndlab using SyndContent.
SyndTrio Agency+
Here your customers will have the opportunity to LOCK IN their discounted rate on the credits they just purchased PLUS get BONUS credits for doing so as well.
SyndLab Trifecta
Here your customers are gonna be able to THREE additional, profit boosting features:
They’ll be able to unlock our tiered linking feature which will allow them to create multiple-tiered campaigns for more powerful rankings. They’ll be unlocking an additional 5+ networks they can syndicate to. AND be able to syndicate to video sites as well.
SyndTrio Booster
Here your customers are going to be able to access our SyndLab plugin which will allow them to connect any and all WP sites to their account and set up automatic syndication for ANY new or old blog post they want syndicated. They’ll be able to rank their niche sites (or client sites) even faster with this and/or revive any old site they haven’t worked on in a while. They’ll also be unlocking our VA license so they can give access to as many Virtual assistants as they’d like.
X Ranker 360
Here your customers will get access to our X Ranker 360 product which is seamlessly integrated with SyndLab. This will allow your customers to get FAST page 1 video rankings.
Video Chief Membership
Here your customers will be getting access to our powerful Video Chief membership site. They’ll be able to get access to over 1200+ video templates, in over 5 dozen niches, that they can instantly upload to YT and rank with Syndlab.
All in all, we’ve created the PERFECT match for maximum conversions!
SyndTrio Demo Video, Case Studies


Joshua Zamora’s Synd Trio
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