The Best Spinner – Advanced Article Spinner Techniques That Work

Hi guys Matthew Woodward here and today I'm
going to show you how to spin content properly with some advanced techniques. Today you will learn exactly what article
spinning is Along with all of the benefits of it
I'll also show you how it works and most importantly How to spin articles the right way
And finally we'll move into some advanced techniques and my personal process Article spinning is a method of creating lots
of unique content from 1 source article. When done correctly you can avoid duplicate
content problems with your link building. Essentially a spun article is just saying
the same thing but in a different way. So let me show you how we spin an article.

Take this short sentence for example that
reads 'hello my name is Matthew'. We can spin the sentence by adding alternative
words for Hello such as Hi and Hey using curly brackets and pipes as you can see. This would produce 3 unique sentences which
are hi my name is Matthew, hello my name is Matthew and hey my name is Matthew. Pretty simple right? We can actually take it a step further by
spinning all of the words in the sentence like this.

As you can see we have alternative words for
hello, my name is and Matthew. This produces lots of unique possibilityís
such as hi my name is matt, hello Iím called Matthew, hey my name is Matthew and so on You can actually spin pretty much anything. Once youíre familiar with word and phrase
spinning you can also explore spinning entire sentences, paragraphs, images, videos, links
& html formatting. That might sound a bit scary at first but
don't worry I'm going to take you through it step by step First we are going to start with a source
article and spin it with some alternative sentences. Then we are going to spin the words & phrases,
spin in some relevant images & videos, add some contextual links and a bit of HTML formatting. All of that will create for a really unique
article that we can use lots and lots of times in our link building. Let's get stuck in! So this is the best spinner and this is my
spinning software of choice.

In my opinion it really is the nest spinner
and there is a link to download the trial on the video right now. So this software has lots of different functions
and settings and Iím gonna take you through all of these. Right, of course the tutorial, but one thing
that we can quickly touch on the auto tools over here. Now, what some people consider article spinning
to be is to load an article in, press the auto select button here and that automatically
spins the article for you. The problem with this is, usually it, well,
it never makes sense. And on top of that the uniqueness and never
very good. So if youíre gonna do article spinning, do
it properly. Itís highly effective when done right. So donít take any shortcuts. And Iím gonna teach you how to do it properly
throughout this video so letís get started.

So if I just put my source article that Iím
using for this tutorial back here. Now this is a very short article, really your
base article should be a minimum of 500 words but Iím just keeping it short and quick to
show how this all works. So the first thing that we need to do is what
we call sentence spinning. And sentence spinning is essentially writing
an alternative sentence for each sentence. So if we take this sentence here, we could
write an alternative for it as something along the lines of thisÖ.okay so that sentence
pretty much says the same as that sentence. And what we are going to do is spin it so
that when the software outputs the sentence it chooses between either this sentence or
that sentence.

So to do that we need to put a curly bracket
there and then a pipe symbol here and then we can bring that back up here and finally
a squiggly bracket there. So thatís a squiggly bracket at the start,
pipes separate the two sentences and one at the end. And if you look here you see sometimes that
it uses this sentence and sometimes it uses the alternative sentence that we've just written
in. So you can actually go a step further and
add a third alternative sentence. So to do that we put a pipe in here and Iím
just gonna quickly write a third sentence and pause the video. Okay so I have now written a 3rd sentence
in which you can see here. And if we just go spun article again thereís
its using the 1st sentence, 2nd sentence, the 1st one again and thereís the 3rd one.

So that is sentence spinning now what you
need to do is to go through the entire article and write 2 alternative sentences for each
original sentence. So Iím gonna pause the video and Iím gonna
go through all of that and when we come back, we should have everything spun on the sentence
level. Okay I have now finished spinning on the sentence
level. Every original sentence now has 2 alternative
sentences. So thereís sentence 1, thatís sentence 2
and here we have sentence 3. And I've done that to every single sentence. So if we have a look at what its looks like
here, you can see the ì To be honest with you payday loans should only be used if youíre
desperate for money.

If you do need money quickly then payday loans
are helpful but should be a last resort and if we come to the publish tab here and then
generate and compare. We will now generate 50 articles from the
spin and compare them to each other to see how unique each of them are against each other. And this takes a little bit of time to do,
but as you can see its comparing its just filling up this table down here. and more
often than not it will appear to have crashed and say not responding and if you do it like
500 here or say not responding for a while, just leave it and it will catch up. So if we make this full screen. We can kind of have a look at the uniqueness. So what this has done is generate 50 articles
and compared each one of them against each other to get the percentage figure of uniqueness. And basically the higher the figure the more
unique it is and thatís what weíre aiming for.

So just look in through here we can just say
we've got a 43% here and see that the overlapping content, 41%, 47%, level 41% or 37% down here. so there we spun it on a sentence level and
thereís certainly more than a lot more we can do on its overall uniqueness. So letís move on to spinning at the word
and phrase level. Now spinning on the word and phrase level
is quite easy. The best spinner has some pretty cool functions
to help us out with that throughout. So to start with we just highlight this 1st
phrase here that is signified with the underline and that will automatically suggest some alternative
words to us down here. now, though the best spinner just provide
lots of possible alternatives as we kind of cycle through this words here. it doesn't always offer the best alternatives. More often than not if you just use your brain
a little bit, you can come up with alternatives and better than what the bets spinner can
suggest. So I recommend using these words and phrases
as guideline or indication only. And you should certainly be doing your own
mental aerobics to think of words that fit in as youíre doing it.

So, to start with, we've got a payday loan
highlighted there, and down here it suggests some alternatives. So, letís see what we can add as an alternative
phrase that still makes sense within the context of the article. So ìA payday loan is usually a short term
loan of money.î So online payday loan, is usually a short term loan of money, that makes

A cash payday loan, an advanced payday loan,
payday advanced loan, payday loans, now that wouldn't make sense since it would read payday
loans is usually a short term loans of money. And that doesn't makes sense so we would not
include that ìa cash advance is usually a short term loan of moneyî, that makes sense. So this already we have got 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,
6 possible words or phrases for the bets spinner to choose from on each output. And to move along to the next word or phrase
you can just press the tab button, above caps lock on your keyboard. And then we can move on to the next one. And so ìA cash advance is generally a, is
commonly a, is mostly a, is often a and is a. So all of that makes sense, and then we can
just press tab here and we will go on to short term loan.

Now sometimes you get this is selected ì
A short term loanî is a phrase that it can recognize and words that it has alternatives
for, but you might find that if you press tab again it will have alternatives for over
words within those phrases. So, you donít; always have to replace a phrase
you can only replace the words sometimes. Those there and press tab to move on to ìof
moneyî so here we can put ìof cashî but what we can also do is this sentence would
make sense without it saying ìof money or ìof cashî. So what we can actually do is a bit of manual
spinning here and if we add a bracket here, and a pipe there and a bracket there, this
ìof moneyî, ìof cashî now becomes optional. So if we have a look at spun article, ì You
can get payday loans to help you when you next get paid or can afford to pay it back.î
We press spin and Iím just looking for one with ìof moneyî in itÖ we go ì A
payday loan is commonly a short term installation loan of money for a couple of weeksî.

Now if you drop that ìOf moneyî phrase ì
Payday loan is commonly a short term installation loan for a couple of weeks at your next paycheck.î
So spinning that in and out changes the structure of the sentence, it still makes sense. So when going through that think about are
there any words or phrases within the sentence I can remove and the sentence still makes
sense? And thatís one of the things that you can
do. So that is spinning on the word and phrase
level. And what you should do is go through all of
these and do it for every single word and phrase where it makes sense to do so, and
only where it makes sense to do so. Remember the whole point of this is to the
final output makes sense to any human whoís reading it and would pass moderation. So Iím just going to stop the video and go
through all of these words and phrases and Iíll be back shortly. Okay now I finished spinning all of the words
and phrases. These orange ones are where I've taken words
out or spun words within phrases, so you can further just where it makes sense to do so.

If we have a look at the final output here,
the idea is that it should make perfect sense, so we should make a quick read ì A cash advance
is a short term loan of cash for a few weeks often after you have received your paycheck. The optimum time to apply for cash loan occurs
when you've got a critical problem that needs cash quickly. Make sense to me, new spin. A payday loan is commonly a short term, personal
loan everybody for a few days up until you receive your salary. Many people utilize them to assist with certain
financial issues as short term solution. And just read the rest of that through and
you can see all of that make perfect sense to anyone where English is their primary language
and word past human moderation at Ezine articles for example.

So if we have a look for what that has done
for uniqueness. Remember last time we generated 50 articles
and compared them once weíd just spun on sentence level and we were getting some that
were only about 40% unique. So letís see what this generates for as now. Iím just gonna pause this video for just
now, while it outputs this. Okay, itís finished generating all of these
and if we have a look at this uniqueness table down here. Lots of 90s, lots of 80s, countless 70s. So already you can see how spinning on the
sentence level brought it to around 40% uniqueness and now we are getting probably on average
80-85% uniqueness once this being published 50 times. So thatís pretty good. But really this is just the basics of spinning
and we can now move into adding images, videos, contextual links and all sorts of other things
that really gonna help this uniqueness; and also make the article look much better when
you submitted it with relevant images and videos and things like that.

So letís take a look at how we are going
to do that. If we just start a new file here and if you
consider that HTML code for that image normally looks like this. Like that! You can also spin the HTML element within
this. So for example, you could have border equals
0 or 1; so some of the images will have a border and some wouldn't. You can have the alt tag as payday loan and
then spin various words within that alt tag or you could make so that the alt tag only
appears 50% of the time.

Like this: so no alt tag, no alt tag, thereís
the alt tag and you can see the border changes from 0 to 1 thereÖ. And you can also do the same with the alignment:
left, right, centerÖ like that. And also the source or URL of the image you
are going to display. But I've actually gone a step further with
my image HTML code which looks like this, and what this does it actually move the order
of the elements around it as well. So here you can see the source, border, align;
now itís alt, border, source align; and now itís border, align, source, altÖ. So every time the code is in different order,
different border, different alignment, different image, and a different alt tag. And this really helps boost the uniqueness
of the article as well as making it more pleasing on the eye by providing a relevant image and
Google will also value the page a little a bit more. So what we actually do is go out and populate
this spin code, this example spin code that you see here I will make it available to download
beneath the video of my blog.

And the first the thing that we need to do
is find a list of source of images and then some alt texts to insert in there. So Iím gonna take through how to do that. So we are going to use Google Images as our
source of images. Now if you got Scrape Box Iím going to show
a very quick way to do this in a couple of clicks. But for the people who donít have Scrape
Box pay attention. The first thing you need to do is to type
your keyword in the search box and this will return a list of relevant images. The problem is these too big to use for submission
as usually the width of them means theyíll overlap weren't look very good when you actually
go out to publish your articles with images in. So we need to come down to any size on the
left here and select medium. The problem is that the medium sizes are still
too big and Google used to give us the option to choose small down here, and they took it
away for some doubt reason.

But if we come up to the URL here; we can
see where it says ìisz:mî, just change that ìmî to an ìsî and enter and you can return
all the small images. So if you open a few of these ìOpen in Tabsî
really you need to open in at least 50 of these Iím gonna do it in 5 just to show you
the process. But once you got those open, close you search

And here we can click on the full size image,
ctrl tab to the next images, full size image, ctrl tabÖ Iíll just do that for those URLs
you've got over. And then you just have a list of them of Tabs
with images in them. So if you then open up the URL list plug-in. That will provide a list of all URLs currently
open in Tabs. And if we make a copy of those, and come into
the Best Spinner we can paste that list of URLs, highlight them, spin them together,
click ìNoî, and then we can insert those into our source tags of which they are 3 of
them. And you can see the resulting output here. But if you've got Scrape Box we can actually
make this a lot easier and a lot quicker as well as get a hundred images to work with
very easily.

So letís shoot over to Scrape Box quickly. So in Scrape Box if you come up to ìadd-onsî
and ìScrape Box Google Image Grabberî; if you donít have installed already just click
ìShow Install Available Add-onsî and install it from there. But open it up and enter your keyword and
Iím going to say for 80 images for that keyword and the all important small size, click ìLocate
Image URLsî, and look at that it grabbed 80 of them in a second. Click on ìOKî; hereís the list of the URLs
and click on ìExportî. And we are going to call that image URLs,
OK, and if we just open up you can see big long list of all image URLs and then itís
just a case of taking it those into the Best Spinner. Pasting the list in here, selecting them all,
spin together, NO, and then insert those into your different source tags here (1Ö 2Ö and
3!). So that is your source done and now what we
need to do is to look at the alt tags. Now you have a couple of different ways to
approach the alt tags.

You can either use the Best Spinner to do
it or we can jump back over to Scrape Box to generate a big list of related words. So to do it in the Best Spinner, if you just
write out your keyword or phrase search; and then you can select some of these alternative
words. And highlight that and then you can just drop
that in the alt tags, like that. But the better way of doing it is with Scrape

So in Scrape Box, we are gonna go ìScrapeî,
ìKeyword Scraperî, and weíll put a couple of keywords in there. Make sure all the source are ticked here and
click ìScrapeî then go out and find lots of related words we can use as our alt text. Now remember the alt text isn't actually shown
to the user from end, kind of hidden from behind the image. So itís doesn't matter if itís ó it doesn't
entirely make sense. So we can remove duplicate keywords. And you can see we've got 66 different phrases
we can use as alt texts. So if we copy those and take them to the Best
Spinner; and if we can just paste those down here; then highlight them all, spin together,
NO, and go out and find the 3 alt areas that need replacing. So thereís 1Ö thereís 2Ö and the third
one, there you go. Okay, so all of that might look like a big
jumble to you at a moment, but this actually that outputs.

So there we got the image, the alt tag, border,
align right; Next time we got image, border, align right but no alt tagÖ. And this is what actually looks like in the
HTML preview. Now we can see how effective that is when
we inserted it into our article. So the next step once we prepared the images
adding into the article, which we've got here is to prepare videos to spin into the article. So let me show you how to prepare all of that. So to do the videos come over to the YouTube
and do a search for you keyword. Previously what I used to do is to open all
the video results in new tabs and then copy the URLs which like the images. But I've found a much easier way is you just
highlight the entire page here and then we can use a FireFox plug-in called Copy URLs
Expert. So we can just right-click on this highlight
and stuff, Copy URLs Expert, URLs in Selection, and just click on that.

And if we come to notepad quickly and paste
the result of that, you can see all these different URLs of videos here. Letís us just move onto the next page of
video results and do exactly the same thing. And youíll want to do this for maybe 4 or
5 pages but Iím just gonna do it for a couple just
to show you the process. So if you can copy all of that, then come
into Excel and then you can paste it down here. URL there. Sort and Filter A to Z. We can get rid all of this, these results,
all user links until we just get these watch links here; so we can delete that. Highlight these data. Remove Duplicates. So there we got 38 videos that we can use. But now we need to construct the embed code. So Iím just going to show how easy that is
to do. So if we load these videos up quickly. We just need to grab the embed code for one
of them to use as the base.

pexels photo 992763

Iím gonna pause that so it doesn't play and
click on ìShareî here. This drop-down and allows us to embed the
video. Click ìEmbedî and then we want to use the
old embed code that the Java-based script one. And if you just make it a copy of that. Bring it to notepad. What we can actually see going to here is
the actual video ID is mentioned a couple of times ó once thereÖ and once there. So what we need to do is rebuilt this structure
in Excel so we can spin it altogether very easily. So to do that, we just come to Excel first
and we want to copy all of the URL up to the equals and including the equals. Click on Find and Replace, and replace that
with nothing. So then all we've got all the list of video
IDs. And we can just move that here. So if come back to our YouTube our embed code
we can see that the first video ID there. So if we copy this, paste into there, and
fill it down; and then after the video ID is a ì?î all the way to the video ID again.

Copy that. Paste it into here. And bring it down. Then next is the actual video ID itself. So we need to copy that into here. And then the last part is from here and we
paste that in there and fill it down. So, to put all these together we can type:
=A1&B1&C1&E1, and hit ENTER. And fill it down. And if we just copy one of these and paste
it to notepad, it should look very similar to what we see here. And in fact itís identical ó thereís video
ID and thereís video ID again. So thatís looking pretty good to me. So if we copy all of these and come in to
Best Spinner; open a new article here and paste in. Highlight it all, spin together, and click
on NO. And if we look at the spun article there you
can just see that each time this outputs a video. And that is all of your videos together.

So right now you should have an article that
is being spun by hand on the sentence, word and phrase level. You should have at least 50 images in the
image spinning code that is provided under this video along with alt text. And you should have at least of related videos
all spun together. So now all we need is to pull all out together
into one article and at the end of it, the very last of it, is inserting our various
links. Now, we actually got a few choices when it
comes adding the images and videos; and Iím going to take you through each one so you
can choose how to do it.

Thereís no hard set rule here, just make
it as random as you can. So sometimes you might display an image, sometimes
you might display a video, sometimes you display neither or you can really mix it up. So what we are going to do is to going to
write an image to appear randomly between these paragraphs, video between these paragraphs,
and an image or a video between these paragraphs. And then from there you can pretty much do
what you want with it. So what we are going to do is down here at
the end of this paragraph, is open a bracket. And sometimes we want this blank line to display.

So we come down here and put the line. And sometimes we want an image to display. So if we close a bracket up there that means
sometimes this basing here is gonna display, and sometimes this basing here is gonna display. So if make we make it so that the image will
set on its own with the line above it and the line below it. And come and get our image code. And copy that. Come back to our article. And paste that in here. And letís have a look at our spun article. And straight away there you can see the image
is there. New spin. And now itís not there. Image thereÖ. Now this doesn't obviously look very well
formatted or anything, itís just a guideline. So that is the images spun in. Next we can do same with videos, pretty much
the same process.

Open the bracket here. Put pipe there. Put some space for the video to go into. Close it off with a bracket there. And there we go a line above and a line below. And if we come across here to get our video
code, highlight all of that, copy, and then come back here; and paste that in. So now when we look at the spun article ó
let us look at the plain text one, image and the video. No Image, no videoÖ just a videoÖ. Sometimes you got an article with an image,
sometimes with a video, sometimes both. So what you could actually do is spin all
of these image code, with all of these video code, with a blank line. So instead of choosing blank all image, it
will choose blank all image or video and that really helps to mix things up a bit.

So to do that, if we copy all the video code,
and then come to our image code here and scroll all the way to the top, and put a bracket
in here and say look sometimes display an image. And you pipe there and then paste your video
code in; and enclosed it in with another bracket. And if we look at whatís done, sometimes
video displays, and sometimes image displays. So to add that into our article, we need to
come here. Select to all. Right-click and copy that. And then come back to our article here and
we gonna insert in this last paragraph. So open bracket. Sometimes display the line we already got
in place. And sometimes we want to display the video
or the image. Remember line above, line below, curly bracket
there. And Iím imagining that this gonna cause the
Best Spinner to slow down a little bit.

And again, just click on spin article. And this is the one we have just inserted. Above the last line; sometimes an image, sometimes
nothingÖ and then a video. So letís have a look at what that has done
for things like our uniqueness. So we go to Publish, Generate and Compare,
and again we gonna quote 50 in, and click Generate. And Iím gonna pause the video while it does
all of that. Okay, that is done, so if we make that big
we can just look at the uniqueness table down here. And look at that, it absolutely dominated
by mid-high 80s and 90s. And thatís really what we are trying to get
to in the end. So that is the power of spinning in images
and videos. And I only to say increase uniqueness but
it makes the articles look much better when people are reading them or other people moderating
them and things like that. So if we just come out of that.

I just want it to show you a few extra tricks
that we can do to improve uniqueness. First of all you can make the entire paragraphs
or sentences optional, so that sometimes they display and sometimes they donít. So this final paragraph for example, I could
say orÖ no, weíll do the whole paragraph. We can say, okay, we put there, the extra
bracket there, and pipe there, and curly bracket there. That makes this entire paragraph optional. And if we look at whatís done. Here look, it ends in an image, we do a new
spin, it ends in paragraph. You can also do the same thing with some sentences. So letís come up here for example. This spun sentence here, we can sort of say,
a bracket there, and a pipe; sometimes it pick all of that, but sometimes pick nothing. And that makes all of that optional as well. So you can remove sentences and paragraphs
at random where it makes sense to do so to help improve your uniqueness even further.

And we just have a look at what thatís done
here. Click the spun article, and you can see here
look we got 260 words and new spin. Oh I forgot thatís actually update on the
spin. Just to know actually this uniqueness counted
down here on the Best Spinner, ignore it. To work out uniqueness you should do the Generate
and Compare, generate the number of times you gonna use the article and use your brain
to kind of look over that grid.

This uniqueness number counted down here is
pretty meaningless to be honest. And so if we do another Generate and Compare,
with various sentences missing and things, Iím just gonna pause it while it generates. Okay, thatís done. And again weíre seeing high 80s and mid-90s
in terms of uniqueness. We've got 71% there that is not ideal. But this we havenít added the links in, with
fewer things yet we can do to improve uniqueness even further. And just to note while working through all
of these, donít generally follow my process to the letter you should use your brain a
little bit. There is an unlimited amount of things you
can do with spinning. For example, you could have a bulleted listed
of items like this. And then say sometimes spin that bullet in,
sometimes donít as well as the content within that bullet point.

You could do the same with headings, with
bold, italics, underline, you can spin anything. So just apply your own creativity through
this. But we look in pretty good shape at the moment. The next thing we need to do is add links
in along with rotating the anchor texts. And I will show you how to use the URL as
the anchor text. But within the context in the article so it
still makes sense.

So letís get started with that. First of all, weíre going add the link to
our money site. So, if we come to our new article tab here
and construct our HTML code, and insert the link to your money site here, and we just
need to find some anchor text to put in there and you will know what your target keywords
are. But what I like to do to make sure the article
make sense and everything like that is my main keyword is Payday Loan. And which I can see here is spun with all
these other words and phrases that still makes sense and are related to the main term. So if I copy these out. And come over here, and drop that in there. Then you can see that link will always spin
in with a different anchor text but still fits within context and flow of the article
which is important. Now a lot of people now want to include naked
URL links to try and avoid anchor text over-optimization and such things.

Personally I donít over. And I just make sure I've got really, really
diverse mix of anchor text Iím using. But if you want to do it with naked URLs,
letís go over how to do that. So typically when the article is output it
chooses between one of these words. Now if you want in a naked URL what you can
actually say is just have the naked URLÖin brackets, after to those words. Itís not the best way of doing it but it
doesn't interrupt the flow of the article and it does help provide the user with additional
point of reference, as a reading the article. So if we take these words that we copied before
and then we can put a URL here and I forgot the HTML code so letís insert that. Okay, and then we have a look at the new spin
article; you can see the outputs like that.

You could also if you want it, perhaps add
some words or text around this; check outÖ. In fact, weíll actually include a blank as
well, so sometimes it displays those words and sometimes it doesn't. So letís have a look at that. And you can see how they spin Payday Loan,
loan, seeÖ. So now if we spin those together, that is
our money site link. Sometimes it displays anchor URL and sometimes
it displays with naked URL. So now we just need to insert that into our
article. And if you make a copy that; comes your article
and we need to find where it mentioned the term Payday Loan and where I can replace it. Letís have a look some of this. In fact, Iím just gonna put in the first
paragraph here. Maybe this paragraph is a good place. Yes! We can replace all of that with money site
link. And donít forget that this is going to pick
one of three sentences so we need to insert into each sentence that it could pick from.

And there we go again. We can replace all of that. And the last one is here. And if we have a look at the output here;
you can see our link to our money site appearing within the context of the article. So thatís how you add the link to your money
site using both anchors and naked URLs in a way that still makes sense when it is published
on a site. And the very last thing that we need to do
with this article is insert some contextual links to other relevant websites, so that
the article doesn't just link to our site which I believe is a bit of a red flag and
actually providing links to other articles will only strengthen the power of your backlinks

So letís start looking for some relevant
links and we are gonna fire up Scrape Box to do that. So Iíll see you at Scrape Box. So, in the keywords tab Iím gonna put in
title, Payday Loan, and in title, Cash Advance Loan. And we are going to use Google, 500 results
for each, and click Start. And that will go out and get a huge list of
relevant contextual URLs that we can add into the article itself. So Iím going to stop it there, click OK,
close that, remove duplicate URLs, and copy that to my clipboard. And letís head back to the Best Spinner. So in the Best Spinner, open a new tab, paste
in all of those links we've just scrape from Scrape Box, and we can select them all, and
spin them together, click NO, and this take a minute because itís quite a lot of them.

Okay, when thatís done what we need to do
is insert the HTML code ó the Best Spinner doesn't really doesn't like the big URL list
like this. SoÖ anyone of
these URLsÖ quotationÖ. My computer is up really hard time todayÖ
and close that off. And then all we need to do is insert the relevant
anchor text here. And Iím gonna do that in very much the same
ways we did for our money site links, so that the contextual links makes sense and set within
the article properly. So, again Iím gonna look for some Payday
Loan related term so that I can useÖ, for example here.

Letís grab these terms. And come back to this articleÖ, and then we can
drop that inÖ there. Okay, so this all of our contextual links. And what we actually want it to do is sometimes
have a contextual link and sometimes not. So to do that, we need to come all the way
to the top here. Add the curly bracket, come down, and add
the pipe, and the curly bracket ó sometimes the contextual link and sometimes not.

And now what we need to do is pepper this
throughout our article. So we Select All and copy. And come over here. And there we go we can replace that highlighted
text straight away with contextual link. Letís re-highlight that. And paste in. And the Best Spinner gonna need a bit of time
to have a think about that. There we go, I think yet. And let us look at over random places we can
pepper that in and thereís another one that we can replace. Letís highlight all of that. Select that catch up. And letís scroll down some of the other paragraphs
so where we could possibly have a contextual link. AndÖ there we go this one here. And also just Iím looking through this I've
just noticed that the word Credit Score, Credit History, Credit Ranking is mentioned a few
times in the article.

So we can actually go back scrape some URLs
related to those and insert contextual links around those terms as well. So let us just finish off the Payday Loan
type ones. Hereís another one we can replace quite easily
with our contextual links. Paste that in. Okay, so you get the general idea we just
looking for terms that we can replace with our contextual links. What Iím going to do is pause the video do
exactly the same routine and scrape through Scrape Box for Credit Rating and Credit History,
related terms.

Seeing them pop here and throughout the article
a couple times I've been doing it. So that gives that me another opportunity
to add some over relevant links throughout the article. So Iím gonna pause the video and scrape those
links and pepper those throughout as we have been doing. So now Iím finished peppering the relevant
links and replacing the credit report ones as well. I could also go through and look over common
words and phrases throughout the articles and look for some possible over linking opportunity
ó I think that pretty much do it. If we come over here and preview it; we can
see here, look there is a relevant link, money site link, no images, no videos; new spinÖ
money site linkÖ relevant link hereÖ and another videoÖ and the links in different
place againÖ.

So if we come up to the Publish Tab, Generate
and Compare, and go generate 50 of these again just to get an overview of how it looks. Now Iíll just pause it while it does that. Okay, thatís done. And again this table here ó mid-80s to the
high 90s in the uniqueness, thatís all very good. And remember that this was only a start with
a 200-word article; youíre actually be doing it with a 500-word article where about 50
to 60 different images. Yours actually a lot more unique than mine
and I've only used a few images and a few videos and a very small base article to start
with. So, that is spinning and if we were to load
that into SeNuke, hereís kind what the output might look like: word count to 50, we can
spin that here, got some links here, some more video, image, no final paragraphÖ spin
that againÖ this time, link, the video, and another contextual linkÖ no image or anythingÖ
links to money siteÖ spin it once moreÖ 168 wordsÖ links andÖ.

It doesn't look very good in this preview
but when you submitted to a site itíll look much better. So that is how to spin article properly. I appreciate the first few times to do this,
itís gonna take you quite awhile. But this process now takes me about 2 hours
to do and to end from the source article to the final spin where seeing right here. And also to bear in mind what you gonna be
using the spin for. For example, if you submitting it to Web 2
sites and Jake-How platform then you can include images and videos. But if this is going to an article directory
for example, then you couldn't include images and videos in the body. So just bear that in mind while youíre spinning
the article. So that pretty much wraps up the spinning

Sorry it took an hour but I didn't want to
cut any corners. So in summary- Article spinning is highly effective when
it is done right You should always take the time to spin by
hand Ensure the output article is readable and
would pass human moderation Don't forget to include relevant images, videos
and links throughout And most importantly, never use one click
auto spinning tools Thanks for watching my tutorial, if you want
to see more tutorials like this then head over to my website at
and subscribe right now. See ya!.

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