Thumbnail Blaster Demo Tutorial – SPECTACULAR YouTube Thumbnails with Easy Thumbnail Maker Software

hi guys this is Phil from memory vidcom and in today’s video we’re going to know where the shoulder thumbnail blaster tutorial demo and it’s important that you create good looking thumbnails for your videos because doesn’t matter how good your video content is if you’ve not making good thumbnails to attract it like people are not going to click on you on your videos and you not get engagement videos you’re looking to achieve and in a moment I’m going to show you how you can not only save nearly a thousand dollars but also you can learn how to get your videos showing up on the first page of Google and YouTube so thumbnail blast is a really good product which I’ve been using for a couple of years it comes from the guys from blaster suite and they’re gonna range your products primarily around YouTube videos so if you want to create a thumbnail you’ve got two options you can either create it from a video link from your existing video you start with no video so we’re gonna do this one today they’ve got a massive range of templates and styles you can select from there’s hundreds of different images and styles here you can select and all you need to do then is vary the text vary the image to create whatever type of thumbnail you’re looking to create to match your video and like many others of these type of products they’ve got template clubs so if you’re in a particular nation you can’t find the type of product to match the type of videos you do they’re probably going to be in the theme club or we’re gonna I don’t use that so we’re just going to go with a standard set here today so you can see also within here then they got a categorization of the templates so today we’re gonna do a cake video so let’s tear food I don’t let’s select this ones we’re gonna do have to make a cake so that’s quite a nice one to style get out second to load and when you notice with the templates you can change the background colors so it gives you a lot of variety and you can change the text styles you can select the background images the people work well in the videos so we’re going to leave that image but we might upload a separate image so we’re gonna do we’re gonna do how to make the chocolate cake and one of the things also within the Styles you can see sometimes the text is capitalized and sometimes it does the capitalization for you so this would suggest in capital text so we’re gonna put that in as capitals and you can see now my text has become bigger than the background so all I’m going to do is just extend that and I could have done I use the font I could reduce the font like this or I could reach it down here with the font options I want to keep the text the sort of suggested size we’re going to make that a little bit smaller and move that out of the way so it’s good to use the sort of template suggestions where you can because then you keep it on the theme in but then I’m gonna do let’s bring another image in here so we would do an image search so these are the image control features what we’re going to do is we don’t want to change them as you’re going to find it so if you’re going to pixabay we can search let’s search for a cake ask oh nice ones because we’re thinking of chocolate cakes so we’re not going to change the image we’re gonna use this an additional image so let’s take this and move this down so as a bonus for people who sign up today Paul Murphy my online mentor has agreed that I can include his 24-hour ranking system for a limited time Paul is a very successful UK online marketing expert who specializes in Google on YouTube and this is really high-quality training material delivered to you online and what you’ll gain instant access to and in this Paul teaches you a repeatable method that he’s been using a perfect then how to get your videos showing up in the first page of Google and YouTube for any product or service that you need and this is really an invaluable service for your own videos it’s also a great service you can offer to business owners to get their products and services showing up the first page of Google and YouTube also and this is a fantastic bonus as the training is usually nine hundred ninety seven dollars but you can get this for just one dollar when you sign up today and after purchase the links will be delivered to you with the product links so you go guys so within a matter of minutes then we create a really attractive thumbnail so thumbnail blast is a really good quality product when I bought this it was just south of 100 dollars I think but there’s some really good discounts on it at the minute so I’ll drop a link down below if you’re interested and check it out I think of the minutes around $20 is a really good value if you think this is something you could use for your videos I recommend take a look and thank you guys usually success online don’t forget to Like and subscribe and I’ll see you sir in the channel

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