Youtube SEO: How To Rank YouTube Videos With YT Supremacy

Youtube SEO: How To Rank YouTube Videos With YT Supremacy – Get YT Supremacy + WP Affiliate Suite Now

In this video, I will introduce you to an awesome course (YT Supremacy) made by Chris Derenberger and Robin Palmer (top video marketers) that will teach you everything you need to know about how to rank videos in YouTube and Google, and how to build an authority YouTube channel using proper YouTube SEO.

This course will teach you proper YouTube SEO and will allow you to rank your videos high in YouTube and Google. just like Google, Pinterest and Facebook, YouTube is a search engine. In fact, YouTube happens to be ranked #2 in search engines, only under Google. There are some things that you can do to help improve your YouTube SEO to have your videos ranked at the top of YouTube search.

Proper YouTube SEO is the best way to gain more views, likes, shares and subscribers to your videos. And when you start getting views and engagement on your YouTube videos, your videos and channel gains more authority. When you get more authority in YouTube, your videos will appear in Google as well, gaining you even more traffic to your videos.

If you’re into monetizing your videos and your channel, it’s very important to do proper YouTube SEO to receive the maximum amount of views.

Here’s what you will learn in this step-by-step course:

– How to properly set up your YouTube channel
– Why it’s important to set up your YouTube channel for only one topic
– Is it really that important to show your face on camera?
– Exactly how YouTube ranks videos
– How to properly upload your videos to YouTube
– Why comments are so important
– Why your thumbnails must stand out
– How to properly optimize your videos for proper YouTube SEO
– How to automate backlinks going to your videos
– How to create videos on a budget

…plus some secret strategies to rank your videos even higher!

Don’t take YouTube SEO lightly. It must be done on every video to get it to rank, and it must be done correctly. Get YT Supremacy below and lock in your bonus now!

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