YouTube Thumbnail: How To Make A Thumbnail For YouTube

YouTube Thumbnail: How To Make A Thumbnail For YouTube


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In this video I will show you how to make a thumbnail for YouTube. If you are just starting out and making YouTube videos yourself, YouTube thumbnails can be very important for sharing your work and getting views. Whether it’s a thumbnail of yourself or content that you have created, you want to have a thumbnail that draws in the viewers attention. I will show you how I make YouTube thumbnails using Canva.

YouTube thumbnails are very important because it’s the first thing that a potential viewer will see about your video. You want to make sure that your YouTube thumbnail image is eye-catching and engaging to receive more clicks from viewers.

Why Use Canva?
Canva is very popular for image creation and editing, making this the perfect YouTube thumbnail creator. The best part about Canva is that it’s completely free to use. Though it does have a paid Pro version, it is not necessary to have that for creating a custom YouTube thumbnail image.

Canva has an impressive collection of templates that you can download and use for your YouTube thumbnail creation. You can also upload your own photos or create a new one from scratch. Once uploaded in Canva it’s easy to add text, graphics, or shapes into your custom thumbnail to make it look attractive.

YouTube Thumbnail Size
So exactly how big is a YouTube thumbnail? This is a question many people ask. The YouTube thumbnail dimensions should be 1280×720 pixels. You should make it this size for optimal resolution and to make sure everything fits and looks great on YouTube, making this the perfect YouTube thumbnail size.

Fortunately for us, Canva has a built-in template for YouTube thumbnails. From the home page of, click on Social Media in the purple banner and scroll to the right to find, “YouTube Thumbnail” and click on that. The YouTube thumbnail Canva template will give us the perfect YouTube thumbnail dimensions by default.

YouTube Thumbnail Templates
Canva has a huge variety of YouTube thumbnail templates ready for you to use. Just scroll through them on the left hand part of the screen. Some YouTube thumbnail templates are free to use, while other YouTube thumbnail templates are for Pro members only. All YouTube thumbnail templates are easily editable with Canva.

You don’t have to use a YouTube thumbnail template if you don’t want to, you can make your own from scratch. The YouTube thumbnail template is just a great starting point to make your thumbnail.

Putting Text Into Your YouTube Thumbnail
If you want text in your YouTube thumbnail, make sure it’s easy to read and fits well with the overall design of the thumbnail design! Try not to overlap text over images. This will make it look difficult to read and you may not get as many clicks to your YouTube video.

You also want to make sure that the text you include in your YouTube thumbnail is big enough for the viewer to read. If it’s too small to read, your potential viewer will pass on your video and click on a competitor’s video instead. Keep in mind that most viewers are on mobile devices and the YouTube thumbnails are smaller than a desktop.

This video was about YouTube thumbnails, YouTube thumbnail dimensions, and how to make a thumbnail for YouTube. If this video helped you make the best YouTube thumbnail, please like it and subscribe to learn more!

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